A Day in a Life of Newborn Photographer in Lockdown

It definitely seems like a bit of ‘Groundhog Day’ every day in lockdown at the moment.  I’m really missing not being able to go to the studio and taking my beautiful newborn photographs; hopefully I’ll get the chance to open again soon.  As today, 2nd February is National Groundhog Day, I thought I would share with you a day in my life as a newborn photographer in lockdown.

So what is “Groundhog Day” “is a popular North American tradition observed in the United States and Canada on February 2. It derives from the Pennsylvania Dutch superstition that if a groundhog emerging from its burrow on this day sees its shadow due to clear weather, it will retreat to its den and winter will persist for six more weeks; but if it does not see its shadow because of cloudiness, spring will arrive early.” Source Wikipedia

My partner, Matthew is still going to work which gives me a little structure to my day and weekends feel like weekends as he is around.  Otherwise, I think the day and evening would merge into one and I’d completely lose track of which day it was.  I get brought up a cup of coffee at 6am before he leaves for work.  I have a bit of chill time in bed, doing a little social media catch up on my iPad, which helps me think about the tasks I’m going to achieve for my business.

Obviously, there is a part of my job that I cannot do right now; taking my gorgeous baby photographs, editing them and preparing my customers’ orders.  However, this lockdown has given me plenty of time to prepare my marketing plan and schedule marketing activities.  I am so incredibly fortunate that lots of my lovely customers allow me to share their beautiful newborn photographs which allows me to reach out to new mummies and daddies.  I get inspiration for my blog and social media posts from the national calendar days and there are so many of them.  Pretty much like today being ‘Groundhog Day’. 

During the last November lockdown, I took the opportunity to look at my website.  It didn’t truly reflect my current style so I had it redesigned.  To be honest, in the past, I had neglected keeping my website up to date, but this year I set myself a goal to create regular blog posts with the help of my amazing copywriter Carlie.  I really hope that my personality comes through my blog posts so that my wonderful customers, just like you, get to know, like and trust me more.   Especially as they’re choosing to trust me to take beautiful photos of their gorgeous babies.  I’m hoping to get quite a few drafted in lockdown so that when I get busy when the studio is open I can still schedule lots of posts.

Quite a lot of my customers fine me through Facebook so I spend a considerable amount of time planning and scheduling my Facebook posts.  I have a monthly budget that allows me to schedule some Facebook advertisements.  It’s great how it reaches out to mummies that are pregnant.  Once I am on their radar, Facebook does an amazing job of keeping them in touch with me. 

I’ve run a few marketing campaigns recently and received quite a lot of lead enquiries.  I always like to ring the mummy so that there is a more personal touch to telling them about my newborn photography.  It’s a great way of giving me the opportunity to explain what’s involved in the newborn session, rather than the enquiry just being based on price.

Once, you’re booked into my diary, I always like to send my special little welcome pack.  Again, I think this is a lovely way of providing a personal touch.  It’s so easy to send an email, but receiving something in the post is always lovely. 

Not the most exciting task, but I do keep a regular check on my finances, especially at this time when I can’t use my lovely newborn photography studio at Cams Hall and need to make sure my business survives these next couple of months.  I try to resist spending too much time on Etsy and buying new props.  I do wonder how many minutes of the day I do spend on Etsy!

Some of you might have seen some of my recent posts that in the first lockdown I took up knitting.  I absolutely love creating gorgeous knitted props for my studio.  Some of my projects have been more of a success that others, but it’s a great way of passing the time on cold winter days.

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer, the groundhogs will come out in the Spring and I’ll be opening my wonderful studio again soon.  I can’t wait to meet all these amazing little babies that are being born in lockdown.

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