Amazing day in the life as a newborn photographer Hampshire

Day in the Life as a Newborn Photographer Hampshire

As 22nd September 2021 is Dear Diary Day, I thought I would share with you a day in the life of a newborn photographer.

Here is my day on Friday 27th August.

Starting the Day

My weekday always starts with my partner bringing me up a cup of coffee in bed.  Sometimes I’m already awake, so you’ll find me doing my colouring on the Colour App, but most times I’m asleep!  I’ll then do some colouring on my app; drinking my coffee.  It’s the special time when I think about what I need to do today.

This morning, I wanted to create a lovely little bonnet for this morning’s photography session.  I think my partner Matthew is right, when he says I’m obsessed with knitting.  I was on a mission to knit a bonnet for my newborn session this morning!  Each morning, I always check my business bank account and check my outgoings.  It can be so easy to get carried away with spending money in your business account, but it’s good business sense to keep on track with your business finances.  I do most of my admin for my business early in the morning; like acting on tasks from my studio booking system, following up on appointments and orders.

First Visitors

My first photography session this morning was little Ella coming for her sitter session at seven months’ old.  I took Ella’s mum, Megan’s maternity photographs, and then we didn’t get a chance to take her newborn photographs because of lockdown.  I absolutely loved capturing Ella’s gorgeous sitter photographs. 

In between my special newborn photography sessions at Cams Hall, I try to download the images and get them ready for editing.  Although sometimes I don’t get time so it’s an end of the day job.

Little Dolly-Mae

I did get in the studio early, so I had some time to do a lot of preparation for my two newborn sessions today.  Gorgeous Dolly-Mae, 10 days’ old, came into the studio with her mummy and nanny.  Unfortunately, dad had gone back to work so we have arranged a viewing for a Saturday when he isn’t working.  Dolly-Mae was such a star model and I also managed to capture some beautiful mummy and baby photographs of them both that I’m sure they’ll treasure.

The afternoon session was for Ava.  Little Ava was truly on a mission to meet her mummy and daddy and came into the world 10 weeks’ early.  She came to my studio at 12 weeks’ old and was still so tiny.  I love that Dad had brought in his motorcycle helmet to pose Ava in.  The image you see below is a composite.  Dad held the right-hand side and then the left-hand side, and I put the two images together.

With all three photo sessions done, backed up and ready for editing, I got to enjoy a little sunshine in the garden.

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