Awesome! Newborn photography studio Fareham re-opened today…

Newborn photography studio Fareham re-opened today… I was so excited today to be re-open my studio today.  It’s been quite a tough 3 months being at home and frustrating that I couldn’t work; but I get that the most important thing was for us all to be safe, stop the virus spreading so rapidly and hopefully all get back to a new kind of normal life.   I’ve kept in touch with all the mummies who couldn’t come to the studio because of lockdown and look forward to meeting the babies, some will now be 2-3 months old but will still capture some gorgeous photographs.

I have taken the time during lockdown to look at how I run my business and provide the best service I can to my clients.  I love my business and it is such a pleasure to be able to capture baby photographs.  It’s precious memories that will become more special as the years go by.

I’ve taken the time during lockdown to create some blog posts.  I’m not sure how many people get to read them but there definitely help mummies to find me when they are searching on google for a local newborn photographer.  I try to bring my own personality into these blog posts and do some research so that I can provide mummies with some helpful information that may be useful to them in their journey to becoming a mum.

As you may have seen from some of my other posts, I started knitting in the first lockdown.  My best friend in the USA sent me this gorgeous wool from the US and I have created a ‘Cheltenham Charlie’ range of baby blue, white and lemon outfits.  I’ve shared some photographs below on some of the outfits.  I’ve bought quite a lot of wool in lockdown; I think I could have a wool shop!  I’m sure I will have enough newborn outfits to keep my blog posts fresh and also give mummies lots of options to choose outfits for their newborn photo session.  I’ve created a page of the outfits that are available for mummies to choose as part of their newborn photography session. 

If you are due a baby from May 2021 onwards, I’m looking for newborn models to create a portfolio of images using my knitted outfits.

This time last year when we were going into lockdown, I got to appreciate our garden.  It was very relaxing sitting in the garden, reading, planning, listening to the birds.  Our garden I must admit had been a little neglected, so we’ve booked a local landscape gardener to landscape our garden.  When choosing a landscape gardener, it made me think who I came to select our gardener.  In the end it didn’t come down to prices, although we didn’t have an endless budget, it was his professional approach.  With any business, it is always important to give value to your clients.  I’ve never been a gardener but am looking forward to learning how to create a garden with lots of planters.  I’d love to attract the birds to our garden so have been researching what are the best trees/shrubs.  Hope to share lots of photo and maybe use some of the flowers in my photo sessions.

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