Awesome printed products from newborn photographer Hampshire

Printed Products for Your Newborn Photographs

Awesome printed products from newborn photographer Hampshire….. As a newborn photographer, I truly know how valuable newborn baby photographs are.  You’ll only get one chance to capture your baby within the first two weeks of being born.  And your baby will grow so quickly that you will forget just how tiny they were. 

With everyone having access to their camera phone, a compact camera or even a camera with interchangeable lenses, there probably has never been a time when we have taken so many photos.  I often ask mummies at their newborn shoot whether the phone has been filled up with babies and it’s always a yep!  It’s so easy though in the digital world to lose digital images. 

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Finding Memories

As a photographer, I have all my photographs backed up on external drives, but to find a particular photograph of a holiday or memory would take me a while to find the right images.  I was tidying the bottom of my wardrobe the other day and came across my New York holiday photo album from back in 2008.  It was lovely looking through the photographs; it would have taken a lot longer to locate the right drive and access them on the computer.  There is something special about connecting with a photograph with the sense of touch.

As part of me getting to know the mummy to be, I ask what you would like to do with your beautiful photographs.  I explain the importance of printed photographs, and have a variety of product options for mums and dads to choose from.

At this stage, they probably haven’t really thought about what they would do with the photographs, other than have some digitally perhaps.  Getting them to think at an early stage what they would do, also gives them an opportunity to think if they have a particular wall where they would hang their gorgeous newborn artwork.   

Types of Prints

I offer three types of wall art; canvas prints, acrylic prints and framed prints.  Most popular is the canvas prints as they will complement most decors; the 30” x 30” being the favourite size.  I have noticed recently that the acrylic prints are being ordered a lot more.  You might have seen that I recently bought an acrylic for my home office.  It’s such a clean, stylish product for any home.

Wall art isn’t for everyone, so I have options on print boxes, photo memory books, albums or individual matted prints.

Bedroom with decoration on white hardwood floor in front of empty concrete wall with copy space. Slight vintage effect added. 3D rendered image.

Discovering Folio

One of my favourite products is the print box, called the Folio Box, which contains 10 matted prints; I do love the traditional matted prints.  The box has an acrylic print on the front of the box and then 10 matted prints inside the box with a USB stick.  It’s the best of both worlds; printed photographs with peace of mind knowing your digital images are safely stored on the USB within the box.  As the folio box has a printed image on the front, it’s great for displaying on a side table or bookcase.  The prestige album is very similar with a high-quality box with a USB, but instead of matted prints, a beautifully designed album.

I asked Freya’s mummy about the photo products she ordered, “We used the digital images to make thank you cards for Freya’s gift when she was born. Also printed some for family.  The printed album we found a great way to show family/friends the images we had done.  The album is in its box with all our photo albums.  We definitely don’t look at it as often as we should, but we do have a lovely canvas of our favourite image on the wall in our lounge.”

Whether digital or physical printed products, whatever product you choose from your newborn photography session, it will 100% be an investment you won’t regret and that you’ll treasure for years to come.

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