Baby Photographer Fareham shares childhood of living on a farm

Baby photographer Fareham shares childhood of living on a farm.. Today, 12th October, is National Farmers’ day and thought I would share with you some of my childhood experiences of living on a farm.

If someone had said to me back then I would have been a baby photographer, I’m not sure I would have believed them.  It’s funny how we take different paths in life.  And, just as your little baby grows up, their childhood experiences will shape their little memories too.

Although I was a bit of a homely girl, enjoying time indoors being creative; colouring, cutting and sticking, living on a farm gave me such great opportunities for fun outside.  I’m sure that as your newborn baby grows up, they will love trips to the parks, exploring the woods and thanks to living here in the south, lots of wonderful trips to the beach.

Time Changers

I often say to parents visiting my lovely newborn photography studio at Cams Hall, I bet they wonder what they did with their time before they had their little one.  It’s amazing how someone so small can take up so much time in your day.  There is a never-ending list of jobs to be done.  Like newborn babies, farm animals are so dependent on adults to be fed.  I can remember on Christmas morning, my dad would have to feed the calves before we could open our Christmas presents.  To make waiting even worse, my dad would have to have a cooked breakfast before opening our presents.  The wait was always worth it of course!

Having a newborn baby can put a strain on a family’s finances, especially with mums being on reduced maternity pay.  Before having a baby, parents may have worked all hours but having a baby puts life into perspective.  And growing up on a farm, I saw just how hard my dad worked, especially during the harvest session.  The summers were definitely the best times living on a farm.  I’m truly sure I got my strong work ethic from my dad.

I grew up with parents working really hard to bring up a family.  As a family, we never had much money, but never went without either.  We might not have had the expensive gifts that my school friends had.  You might have recently seen my blog post on being green.  As a child, maybe we were more ‘green’ than we are today.  We had hand-me-down clothes and my dad grew our own fresh fruit and vegetables.

Keeping Healthy

I do believe that growing up on a farm gave me a healthy immune system.  I get that some mums’ first choice is to breast feed; to give their baby the best nutrients they can, to give them a good start in life.  We would have milk unpasteurised straight from the dairy, and I’m sure it helped us build up a resilience towards germs.  I guess it’s a balance between building an immune system and protecting your baby from getting ill.  With the last 18 months and COVID, that balance has certainly been tested.

As a teenager, I felt isolated living in the countryside, especially when my friends were meeting up in the village in the evenings.  For me though, I believe that growing up on a farm helped shaped who I am today and my morals.

How do you think your baby’s upbringing will influence who they will become as young adults?

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