Baby Photographer Fareham shares why clients love my newborn photography

Why My Clients Love My Newborn Photography 

Baby Photographer Fareham shares why clients love my newborn photography… I’ve been a photographer for over 20 years now, with 16 of those years as a wedding photographer.  I always tell my clients that being a newborn photographer is more than being a photographer; it’s being a baby whisperer too!  When a mummy-to-be books a photography session with me, I make sure they have such an amazing experience and have quality photographs that they will treasure for years to come.  As some of my previous clients know, I’m not the cheapest newborn photographer in the area.  However, I truly believe my prices reflect not only the experience mummies and daddies find, but especially the quality of my photographs that they’ll get to enjoy.

From the initial contact with my clients, I want them to feel special and that I am on the pregnancy journey with them too.  I just love when a mummy-to-be wants a maternity photo session.  It’s such a great way to get to know parents before they come to the studio.  I recently took Sarah’s maternity photographs and absolutely loved meeting them.  It was so lovely when I got to take their baby Rebecca’s photographs a few weeks later.  Sarah is French and Oliver is English, so it was great to add some fun French and English props.  It all helps to making the experience and photographs special and individual to my visiting families. 

Getting settled

Not all photographers can transition from being a wedding photographer to a newborn photographer.  It’s interesting that the majority of newborn photographers are women, although there are a couple of male newborn photographers that I know of.  Whether it’s a maternal instinct that makes women great newborn photographers, but for me it’s about having great patience.  Settling the baby can take some time.  For the newborn photographs that I capture, it can take a little while to make sure their little one is settled and relaxed.   I can often tell when a baby is in a deep sleep as their breathing changes.  Sometimes I can get it wrong, you just get them into position, and they are suddenly startled and then need to settle again.   Sometimes it can feel like playing jenga!  Quite often, parents pick up my settling tips and use them at home.  We get there eventually…

My newborn photography sessions are such special moments for new parents and I love the way that parents are so excited to come back to the studio to view their very special newborn photographs.  They watch a slideshow to music and quite often, mums will have a tear in their eyes.  Maybe I’m guilty for playing an amazing song, and of course it might have something to do with their hormones.

Treasured memories

Having a great newborn experience is an amazing memory for mums and dads to treasure. After the viewing, parents get to choose from my range of products to cherish the memories of just how tiny their newborn was.  Without a doubt, the favourite for mummies and daddies is the folio box.  A great little keepsake where you have printed photographs with the added value of knowing you have all the digital images saved safely on a USB stick in the box too.

I love taking newborn photographs at my lovely newborn photography studio at Cams Hall and I am always so pleased when new mummies and daddies love the whole experience – from my initial call to them receiving their photo order.

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