Baby photographer Hampshire share how to celebrate your baby

Special Times to Celebrate the Arrival of Your Baby

Baby photographer Hampshire share how to celebrate your baby …A very special way for parents to celebrate the birth of their baby is by capturing some of the first little one’s days in magical images that they will treasure forever.  It is truly an experience that they will remember forever.

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Special Words

I asked some of my recent visitors about their newborn photography experience with me at Cams Hall.  Here are some of the special comments I have received.

“Our recent photography experience with you meant everything to us.  Last year, our newborn shoot was cancelled due to lockdown and the first wave of COVID-19 – sadly we missed the moment to capture our firstborn’s early days.  The shoot for our second son this week was simply wonderful.  Not only to see you work your magic with our little bundle of joy in your studio, but also to see you capture both our boys together  memories to signify the whirlwind year we’ve all had but also to be thankful seeing our two boys together and knowing this beautiful life goes on ”

“Thank you for making our photography experience so memorable.  We really appreciated the little touches we received in the post, the gorgeous welcome sign on your studio door, the warm and welcoming atmosphere in the studio and your absolute professionalism.” 

I was absolutely touched when I received this beautiful poem too…

Our newborn baby so precious and small,

A moment in time we wanted to stall

At 8 days old we had a moment of leisure,

While Jennifer captured memories to treasure

With props a plenty and watching poses so cute,

How thrilled we were we booked this photoshoot

Positioning our baby whilst keeping her calm and still,

Jennifer has such amazing talent and skill 

With tears of joy at our viewing session,

The best experience as new parents, no question

A Religious or Non-religious Start

After capturing your baby in the first two weeks of your baby’s life, the next step is probably a ceremony to welcome your baby into your family.  Whether this is a religious ceremony such as a christening or baptism to welcome the child into your family church; or for non-religious families perhaps a naming ceremony.

For me, as a child I was baptised into a Catholic church.  My mum is Catholic and my dad church of England.  From stories I’ve heard from my mum and dad, when me and my elder sister were born, there was pressure from my grandmother to be baptised into the catholic church; although we have never been practising Catholics.  When my younger sister was born, my dad objected, and she was christened in a church of England church.  We were all brought up the same, so does how our birth was celebrated whether catholic, church of England or a non-religious event matter?  I think it’s about celebrating the birth of a child.

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I’ve recently been booked to take Freya’s christening photographs.  Claire and Paul booked me to take little Freya’s newborn photographs.  It was a very special photography session as Freya is a rainbow baby.  Claire and Paul had sadly lost their baby before Freya so they have many reasons to celebrate Freya’s life.  They have also booked me to take her first birthday photographs, so there are actually two different events worth celebrating.

I asked Freya’s mummy how different she saw both the christening and Freya’s first birthday.

“We see both events special to us and want to celebrate them.  Ideally, we would have had a christening when Freya was younger, but we’re really pleased now we are able to do one now alongside her first birthday with family and friends.” 

I asked Claire why she chose a christening, as opposed to a naming ceremony.  Both Paul and Claire were christened, and that’s why they chose the same for Freya.

For Claire and Paul, spending time with friends and family will make the christening extra special after such a long time of not seeing them.  It will also be special as it’s not just Freya’s christening but also her first birthday. 

It was a real pleasure when Claire asked me to take photographs at Freya’s christening.   She shared that capturing the day means everything to them so they can look back on the day while having lovely photographs.  Claire plans to make a photo book of the day for Freya’s memory box for her to look back on when she is old enough.


Laura shared with me why a naming ceremony was important to her and Andy.

“I wanted a christening, as I’m christened, but Andy isn’t.  We are not really religious in any way, so a naming ceremony was a good compromise to still be able to celebrate our little girl and to have supportive adults nominated and recognised for her.”

I loved hearing what Laura and Andy have planned for Margot’s special day.

“A big family party!  A lot of our family still haven’t met her, so we are hoping it will be the first time (of many) that we are able to have our whole family together to celebrate”

“To make it special, we have chosen a service that includes our parents quite a lot, as well as the supportive adults. We’ve also not cut down any number to fit a budget, everyone is invited! It’s almost like a wedding reception.

With both Laura and Claire, their little ones missed out a christening/ naming ceremony because of covid which has meant that celebrating their little ones first birthday is close to their ceremony.  I asked Laura how she felt these are different.

“Ideally, we would have done the naming ceremony when she was 6 months old but because of covid, it wasn’t possible.  We are keeping her first birthday to close family and friends only, and at home, then extending her naming day to everyone.  We are hoping that she will also be more used to bigger groups of people by then as well, and not find it as overwhelming.”

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Naming Ceremony

I’ve photographed quite a few christenings in the past but I’ve never photographed a naming ceremony.  I did a bit of research to find out what makes a naming ceremony special.  The answer really is that it is as special as a family wants it to.  We’ve all been in and out of lockdown for the last 18 months and capturing special times with family has never been so important. 

For me, a naming ceremony means that parents are able to provide special messages to their baby, commitments and promises to their child.  Some of the special touches that parents incorporate into their naming ceremony are a guest book for friends and family to comment.  I saw one comment that parents had asked friends and family to write a special poem to their baby that they could keep in their baby’s safekeeping box for when they are older.  Another idea I saw that I thought was lovely was planting a tree as a memory to treasure of this special time.

I thought I would share with you some information that might help you with planning your special ceremony

Emma James has a unique ceremonies company, https://ceremoniesbyemmajane.co.uk/namings/ For naming ceremonies, she share on her website “Very little if anything can ever surpass bringing a new life into the world so it would be an honour for me to create one of the special moments in time for you to remember.”

Linda from Hampshire Celebrants is an Independent celebrant offering a range of bespoke ceremonies.

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