Being a Newborn Photographer is My Calling…

In recognition of Adoption Day in the United States which fell on the 23rd of November, I thought I would share with you my own personal journey from not being able to have children, to adopting my own, and becoming a newborn baby photographer in Hampshire.  I’ve been told before that I am a natural with newborn babies and even a baby whisperer; thanks to the magical way I can settle their babies and gently move them into the amazing poses that my parents love.  Some of my clients are quite surprised that I haven’t actually had my own children. But then again, over the last five years of being a newborn photographer has meant that I’ve had quite a bit of experience of handling gorgeous newborns.

“She was honestly the baby whisperer! Our newborn was completely calm and relaxed during the shoot.”

Unfortunately, I was never able to have my own babies and having three attempts at IVF it seemed that it was not my destiny to have my own children.  It just wasn’t meant to be.   I’ve always been quite a positive person so after a little time of being devastated that I couldn’t have my own children, my ex-husband and I decided to go through the adoption process.  We were so lucky to have adopted three birth sisters at the time aged 5, 3 and 10 months, in fact they are all in their 20s now.  It was quite a challenge for me at the time, going from working full-time one week and then two weeks later being a full-time mum to three amazing little girls. 

Whilst adoption can be rewarding and challenging at the same time, it is such a special gift to give, and provides children with the opportunity of a life that they might not have ever had, had they still lived with their birth parents.  The US National Adoption Day celebrates thousands of foster children being welcomed into their forever homes.

Perhaps I would have naturally found photography as my passion, but it wasn’t until I adopted the girls that I started to learn about photography.  I remember that I bought one of the first digital cameras and loved being able to instantly capture the special moments of our girls’ life story in their new family home.  Not to mention creating treasured memories of the girls growing up.

It’s certainly true that photography has been a big part of my life for the last 20 years.  I took college classes, did a photography degree, and attended various photography expert training workshops.  I’ve always strived to improve my photography skills in order to capture special and beautiful memories that my clients will treasure forever. 

I was a wedding photographer for over 16 years and absolutely loved it.  It was definitely challenging from a photography perspective, particularly when dealing with the great British weather.  It was such a special job to have the fortune to share a couple’s happy day and create beautiful memories that they too are able to share with their families for many years to come.

While I love taking wedding photographs, I missed having my Saturday evenings, especially during the summer months.  I attended a photography convention and a company there was advertising to train photographers as newborn photographers.  Although it was scary investing the money in the course, it truly was the best thing I ever did.  The training was amazing.  It gave me all of the skills I needed to become a newborn photographer.  Still to this day, I continue to invest in additional training; fine-tuning the experience that I provide my very special clients at my gorgeous newborn studio.

It certainly seems that my own family journey has led me to the wonderful experiences that I am enjoying today.  Sadly not being able to have children led me to adopt my beautiful girls.  Then adoption opened up the world of photography to me, and now I have the honour of being a newborn photographer with my own amazing newborn photography studio at the beautiful Cams Hall in Fareham.

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