Choosing Your Colour Palette for Your Awesome Newborn Photography Session

I thought I would share with you how to choose your colour palette for your newborn photography session…..

So how did you get through the January lockdown?  It makes me so incredibly sad when I have to keep my studio closed, but this lockdown I’ve felt happier; being reassured that mummies and daddies are loving the newborn photographs I have taken and are just as gutted as me that they cannot come to the studio.  You might have seen from my previous posts on Trends in Newborn Photography that newborn photography styles have changed over the last few years and especially my own style of photography.

Re-opening my studio after the first lockdown, I introduced a new consultation process where I ask my visiting parents to decide on their choice of colour palette.  Consequently, I spend time making sure that all of my gorgeous props are washed and/or steamed cleaned before you come to the studio to keep you and your baby safe.  You might have also seen in the past that I started knitting during the first lockdown.  To be honest, I think it’s become a bit of an obsession (well buying wool and searching on Etsy certainly has) as much as my photography but they both go hand in hand.

I was so impressed with my best friend Charley as she had knitted me a beautiful wrap to use in the studio for my Christmas present.  She had never knitted before – and I’m pretty sure she won’t knit again!  She also sent me a leftover ball of yarn, so I made a mini wrap and also a cute little bonnet to match.  I can’t wait to share with you the photographs using these props when I’m back open. 

Pretty in Pink for your newborn photos

Over the coming months, I’m going to share with you the colour palettes you can choose for your newborn photography session.  The first colour palette I would like to share with you is Pretty in Pink.

Here are a few examples of the props that I used to create my beautiful Pretty in Pink images.

Firstly, this is my ‘hands on chin’ pose and I am pretty sure that it’s the most popular pose for a wall art image.  Mummies and Daddies are so incredibly proud of their little bundle of joy and they pose like a little angel.  I often get asked, how did you do that?   The simple wrap over the babies back helps to hide the nappy underneath.  And this gorgeous crown of flowers is such a popular choice with parents – it’s pretty easy to see why!

newborn photography session

When I first start my newborn photography session with my lovely clients, I always tend to start with wrapping their baby.  They love it, it makes them feel snug and secure; just like being in safe in their mummy’s tummy.  I try to be a bit creative with the wraps too so it’s a bit different.  The two photographs below are using my wire basket prop.  I bought it from a local store called LuLu, in our village of Stubbington.  It was one of their shopping baskets and I asked if I could buy it.  It’s just the perfect size for a newborn baby.

newborn photography session

Presenting Pastels

The majority of mummies will pick pink tones for their newborn session which actually made me wonder – why pink for girls?  From research, it seems that introducing pastel colours for babies started in the 19th century, and pink was seen as feminine, romantic and emotional.  A few years ago, I realised that I was drawn to buying clothes in the colour pink and most of my wardrobe was pink – to be honest, it’s probably the same today.  It does actually make me wonder whether as a girl, our subconscious mind draws us to colours that are seen as pretty! 

newborn photography session

In lockdown, I’ve been knitting lots of cute new props for my gorgeous newborn photography studio at Cams Hall, Fareham.  I’m also looking forward to introducing new yellow and lemon tones into my studio for Spring.  Perhaps mummies will still be drawn to pink but introducing new colour palettes will show what alternative colour options there are.

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