Fareham newborn photographer finding out a mummy’s pregnancy journey….

Fareham newborn photographer finding out a mummy’s pregnancy journey.. When I was a wedding photographer I loved taking pre-wedding engagement shoots as it was an opportunity to get to know the couple before their wedding day. I feel the same about getting to know a mummy during their pregnancy photo session. I loved getting to know Helen during her pregnancy photo session.

1) What is your story of getting pregnant?

Once we started trying it happened very quickly for us, so fast that we were shocked when the test said positive!

2) How has your pregnancy been in lockdown. Did yo feel safer being isolated at home or missed contact with other mummies, missing out on antenatal classes?

I am a key worker so until the more easily caught South African Covid appeared I was working full time. With the new strain I also entered my third trimester and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists advised that expectant mums should be minimising contact from then onwards, so I stopped work in January. It has been very hard not having antenatal classes so I don’t know many mums in my area who will have babies the same age as mine… hopefully I’ll meet some in a mum and baby class once they start up again!

3) How did you feel when you first saw your baby at the scan? Do you know if you are having a girl or a boy – or will it be a surprise

We paid for a private scan at 8 weeks because we didn’t know if my husband would be able to come with me and we didn’t want him to miss out seeing our first child for the first time. It was incredible seeing our baby for the first time, seeing their little heart thumping away! I cried. I’ve wanted to be a mummy my whole life so this is literally a dream come true! We decided not to find out what gender our baby is- we want it to be a surprise! The anticipation is killing us haha!

4) Do you have babies names sorted – was it hard picking names

We finally had a girl’s name and a boy’s name that we loved. It took a long time because we both wanted very different things: I wanted something unique, he wanted something people would know and be able to spell (in his words nothing “weird”) it made for some very out there suggestions from friends and family- many of which made him cringe!

5) Have your organised your nursery, did you pick a particular theme?

Yes! It was decided before we started trying that our baby’s nursery would be themed around clouds and hot air balloons with a touch of Winnie the Pooh (I love pooh bear!) We found so many gorgeous gender neutral things to decorate in that theme so it was perfect for us.

6) Was your hospital bag packed – tell me what bag you went for ? What are the things you couldn’t do without that you have put in your hospital bag

Yes I’ve got my bag packed and ready! I got lots of advice on what to include from my friends with kids- including a fan/cooling spray (apparently maternity wards are very warm!) And several changes of outfit for baby just in case! I am using a big duffle bag I already own for my stuff and my changing bag for everything for baby.

7) What made you book a newborn session? What will having newborn photographs mean to you?

My parents have a gorgeous photo of them with my brother thats always been on the wall in my childhood home, and so I decided I would love to have something similar with my baby.

8) What are you most looking forward to when you meet your baby?

Being able to hold them and see their gorgeous face… finally being the mummy I’ve always wanted to be and not feeling sick anymore!

9) How did your maternity session make you feel?

Like a goddess! I felt beautiful and elegant (not an easy feat with a big pregnant belly!) The dress were STUNNING and the advice and direction I was given for how to pose were wonderful! 

10) How do you think life as a new mum will be?

Chaotic and wonderful! I’m not the most organised person ever and I know for a fact baby won’t make that any better haha! I cannot wait for the next and newest step into chaotic bliss!

11) What do you think life will be like for your partner as a new dad?

He is wonderful with children so I know he’ll be fab. I think he’ll be doing a bit less computer gaming though! He is insisting that he will be reading our child bedtime stories, every night, and says he can’t wait for them to wrap him around their little fingers!

12) If you could have one wish for your baby what would it be?

 For them to live happily, knowing they are loved more than anything, knowing how amazing they are and confident in their own ability and style… for them to be kind and caring.

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