Fareham Newborn Photographer journey with a special little girl….

A Very Special Little Girl Who Has Been on a Journey with Me

Fareham Newborn Photographer journey with a special little girl….Back at the start of 2020, none of us would have predicted the journey we would have been on for the last two years.  It was a scary time for all of us; not being able to see friends and family, staying at home and being safe.  The last couple of years has been tough for families in so many different ways, but for me, as a newborn photographer, being able to capture special memories when I could throughout this time has been so incredibly special to me.

This Little Special Girl is Mia!

Mia’s mummy won a complimentary newborn photography session with me for my ‘Mother’s day’ competition back in 2020.  Although we booked a ‘floating date’ for a newborn photography session for May, due to the pandemic, we couldn’t do a studio newborn session at my lovely studio at Cams Hall. 

Back then, the government had launched rules that you could meet another family outside, so I did a newborn photo session for Mia outdoors.  We were so lucky with the lovely weather in 2020 and had a wonderful time at the shoot, with Mia’s mummy and daddy posing her.  I guess it made parents realise how difficult it is for them to pose little newborn babies for the photo session and that’s why a newborn photographer is skilled at what they do.  

The newborn photographs of little Mia tell a story.  It will always bring back special memories to me as a photographer, and hope for Mia’s mummy and daddy too.  Looking back at her photographs, I forgot how dark her hair was.  I had planned that we would personalise the photo session as Mia’s daddy is a chef so we included a chef hat.

I asked Mia’s mummy what she remembered about the photography session. “I remember being nervous that Mia would cry the whole time; being nine days old, I was still finding my feet as a new mum.  I needn’t have worried though, as Jennifer was so calming and relaxing; telling us how to pose her.  She made me feel a lot more confident about being able to handle her.  Having my first baby in lockdown was actually a massive struggle for me, I even held on in labour so long, worried that Ian wouldn’t be allowed into the hospital that I ended up giving birth to her on my living room floor!  Not having my friends and family around in the early days was extremely difficult for us but we got through it.”

You are Stuck with Me as a Family Photographer!

I love being a newborn photographer and it’s a very special gift that I can give to parents; capturing their newborn baby within their first few weeks.  There are times when I connect with a family and we become friends.  Of course, I am in business but there are times when the gift of giving is so important to me.  Mia is my lockdown gift and I am loving capturing her character.  I got to know Mia a little more at her first birthday photo session.  She has an amazing character.  Perhaps she might be a photographer one day!

I asked Alice about Mia’s little personality, “Fast forward a year and she was just a character, always on the go and finding everything interesting!  She was already so confident at one year old.  I was worried she wouldn’t sit still for the photography session but Jennifer managed to capture her perfectly for her first birthday!”

How Cute is a Two-Year-Old?

When I do a newborn session and the family have a two-year-old sibling, I always tell parents that two-year-olds will call the shots!  It is so true!  I am looking to introduce styled children’s portrait photographs into my studio portfolio, so I contacted Alice to see if she would be interested in a photo session of Mia (who was almost two years old).  Was I setting myself up for a challenge with a two-year-old?  But for me, it was about Mia having fun and giving her props to play with.  I love the photographs that we took with my Leica film camera (which I had dropped a few years ago, so unfortunately it’s not a workable camera).  Cameras seem to be a theme in Mia’s gorgeous photography session.  Perhaps she might be taking the photographs for her third birthday!

Alice shared her life with a two-year-old.  ”Now she’s almost two and it has been a crazy couple of years, the majority of it being in lockdown or with restrictions.  I’ve gone back to part-time work now, so I’m trying to juggle parenthood and my job which presents new challenges.  I find it hard to leave her, as I work away for a couple of days here and there, but honestly, she doesn’t bat an eyelid, she has fun with daddy and her nanny and grandad. She’s a very active, bright little lady who brings a lot of joy (and tantrums!) on a daily basis. My journey into motherhood has certainly not been easy at times, but it’s also brought a crazy amount of happy times and joy!  We really treasure the gorgeous photos of her and can’t wait to show her when she’s older.”

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