Fareham Newborn Photographer just keeps social by talking

Fareham Newborn Photographer just keeps on talking….Having a holiday has never felt so good.  We’ve been so lucky with the weather here in Padstow, Cornwall.  One thing I know I’ve missed during lockdown is communicating with people, friends, family – even people we don’t know.  My partner Matthew is always amazed with my ability to communicate with strangers and make small-talk.  In some respects, I do that on a daily basis.  When mums and dads arrive in reception to book in for their newborn photograph session at my lovely newborn studio at Cams Hall, it’s usually the first time I have met them, unless they’re a previous client or have had a maternity session.  

Newborn Photographer in Fareham just keeps on talking

For me, it’s always important when someone enquires about a newborn session, so I book a phone call.  This way we can have an initial ‘get to know you’ conversation.  I make a special effort to get to know my visiting mums from our very first phone conversation.  It’s the little things I remember during our call that build on the relationship I have with you.

Non-stop Communicating from Fareham Newborn Photographer

Although I might not actually be taking photographs during my holiday, my business never stops.  Communicating as part of my business is so important.  It’s key to making my mums feel special and that taking their newborn photographs is important.  I’ve been in touch with mums whose babies are due, and also those who have been born.  My diary is a juggling act, especially when you’ve been on holiday and have a full week ahead.  I also need to fit in the photo viewing sessions of photographs I took before going on holiday.  I am so excited to show the mums and dads their very special photographs that I’m sure that they will love and treasure for many years to come.

I wanted to share a little story from my holiday today that might give you an insight into how I love to talk to my mums to be.  We’d bought fish and chips for lunch and sat on the harbour wall eating them.  I have to say that we felt pretty lucky that we weren’t attacked by the seagulls.  Cornish fish and chips are so good – but that’s maybe a different blog post! 

Fareham Newborn Photographer in Padstow makes a New Friend

Anyhow, a little girl came up and sat next to me.  I thought she was five years old, but after talking to her she corrected me that she was actually six years old.  I was reassured that her dad was sat on the bench behind us, so I looked back to make sure I had his approval to talk to his daughter.  I told him she would go far as she had great communication skills.  It wasn’t just a one-way conversation with me asking her questions, it was a two-way conversation.  One of the questions she asked me was whether I liked dogs or cats.  I said cats, she said dogs.  What great communication skills for a six-year-old.

From our brief little chat, I learned she lived in Leicester, had no pets, but had pets at her family home in Bangladesh.  She was on holiday with her mum and dad and had no siblings.  We really should learn our communication skills from children.  She had no fear of me, and no fear of Covid!  I wish I’d taken her photo!  I shared this story with my friend and she suggested I name her, so she will always be part of my memories.  So I’ll name her Alice!

How Fareham Newborn Photographer is Building Communication Skills

My conversation with this little girl reminded me of how important our communication skills are in life and in business.  With my newborn business, I love that I build a rapport with mums-to-be and it’s so special when I keep in touch with their life journey – from being a mum through to their newborn photography session, to sitter, and then first birthday.  There are so many firsts in life!

When a mum gets in contact with me when they’re interested in a newborn photography session, I always try to make contact by giving them an initial call to tell them all about how they work.   It brings the sessions to life, rather than just receiving an email.  It may be a few months before they come to the studio, so I make sure that I keep in touch by sending regular emails and little gifts in the post.  By communicating with mummies from their initial contact through to delivery of their beautiful photographic products, it’s all about providing the best newborn photography experience I can.

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