Fareham Newborn Photographer reflects on National Day of Reflection

National Day of Reflection

Fareham Newborn Photographer reflects on National Day of Reflection…..Life is full of events that will make us smile.  Like finding out you are pregnant, sharing the news with family and friends; it is such a truly precious time.

I decided to write this blog post which was inspired by the National Day of Reflection.  The website content for Marie Curie Day of Reflection website reflects on the suffering and pain that Covid brought to us all.  It is also relevant to the suffering and pain for those in Ukraine right now.  I’m sure there is not one person in this world who doesn’t feel for the people of Ukraine. 

“On 23 March, let’s take time to connect, supporting the millions of people who are grieving, and remembering the family, friends, neighbours and colleagues we’ve lost during the pandemic.

While life is beginning to return to normal for some people, several million people are still living with the trauma of loss, and not being able to grieve properly. This includes many children as well as adults. We need to come together to acknowledge and soothe this pain.”

Sometimes things happen and how we get through each day, day by day, is do what makes us happy and go to our happy place.  For me, a happy place is a country garden with beautiful flowers.  I wanted to create this happy place in a styled newborn photography session.  I love the gorgeous newborn photographs that I created of Rosabella

On this day of reflection, I was thinking what makes me happy about my treasured newborn photography business…

The Newborn Photography Experience

I love it when I see parents cuddled up on the studio sofa; watching their little bundle of joy having their photographs taken.  They are often amazed how I get their little one settled and into the sleepy curled-up positions.  It’s why I’m very proud to be known as ‘The Baby Whisperer’.  They watch the photography session with joy and pride for their little one.  

Quite often my visiting parents will say they’ll want to buy all the photographs; and to be honest most do.  You only get one chance to capture your newborn baby within the first two weeks of them being born.  I take it as a compliment when mums cry at the viewing session when they see the very special slideshow of their newborn’s photographs.  Their baby will grow so quickly, it’s so special to capture these precious memories for now and to treasure in the future.  And for me, I get to show the beautiful photographs of babies on my social media.  I love that I have such a skill to capture heirloom memories.

Every Girl Loves to Shop

Etsy is my favourite shop for finding newborn photography props for my lovely newborn photography studio at Cams Hall.  I always try to keep my newborn images fresh and current.  I plan my marketing for the following months and the new props that I’m going to buy which I can use for my upcoming model photography sessions.  You might have seen recently that I reached out on facebook for newborn models.  It’s a great opportunity for mummies to get a complimentary newborn session and they of course allow me to use the images for my future marketing.  I’ve even started to look at props that I can use to market for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  But before that, we have the Mother’s day competition (click here to enter) and lots of activities for Easter next month.

A Cat is a Girl’s Best Friend

I’m sure that by now, you’ll have all seen my photographs of Richard (my cat).  He’s part of my daily routine.  Whilst we all like excitement in our life, routine is good.  It makes me happy when I drive off to work in the morning and Richard is at my home office window watching me drive off.  I’m sure he thinks he is a dog.  Richard and I recently visited my home town in Swindon; he travels everywhere with me.  He had quite a bit of attention from a couple of pubs which allowed me to bring him in in his carrier.  We did a recent photo session with Amy (the cattery owner’s daughter).  You might have also seen my recent blog post on Fine Art Children’s Portraits.  Amy has known Richard from a kitten, so they have a great bond and I knew she would be perfect for the photography session.  Taking the photographs and sharing them makes me so happy and I loved creating such great memories.

With my Baby Steps into Spring Campaign, I was so happy to take some truly gorgeous photos, and I can’t wait to share with you lots of the very special images from my photography business. 

So, my final reflection is that I’m a very lucky girl to have the passion, inspiration, talent and skills to create beautiful heirloom images that I know my visiting families will treasure forever…

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