Fine Art Children’s Portraits in Fareham, Hampshire

Fine Art Children’s Portraits

Fine Art Children’s Portraits in Fareham, Hampshire….A few months ago, I visited Windsor Castle and I just loved discovering all about the history of this beautiful palace.  Part of the history of the castle is the beautiful paintings on the walls; these paintings help us form a vision of how significant these people are in the history of our country.  The framed portraits are pieces of precious heirloom wall art that are preserved for future viewers; something that you just cannot get from a digital image.  The wall art not only allows us to view the style of clothing at that time, but much deeper than that; looking into the eyes and the soul of the portrait sitter. 

I’ve been a wedding and newborn photographer for over 20 years now, and I just love capturing beautiful memories for my visiting families.  My lovely newborn photography studio at Cams Hall is always busy with newborn photography sessions and I know that the families truly cherish the photographs that I capture.  Throughout these years, digital images have always been a popular product of choice, but I often wonder what happens to the digital images.  With my newborn sessions, most of my mummies and daddies will choose a folio box, together with a wall art product, so they have a printed product; with the peace of mind that their digital images are kept safe on a USB in the folio box.  

Beautiful Children’s Fine Art Photography

I’ve always admired the images produced by other fine art children’s portrait photographers.  One in particular that I love is Lisa Viser, and I’ve always aspired to create similar images, but of course in my own style.  It has truly been a passion of mine of create fine art portraits.  For this year, I’m looking to reach out to parents who will adore this style of photography and would love an heirloom portrait to display in their house.

Gorgeous Maternity Dresses

A number of my beautiful maternity dresses I purchase from Katharina Hakaj (https://www.kh-c.store/) which are worn my lovely mummies-to-be at their special maternity shoots.  These maternity gowns make mummies-to-be feel special at a time when they might not feel their best.  Katharina also has a range of children’s clothes which are amazing.  How could I not buy this vintage ginger dress and have Richard (my ginger cat) be a supermodel?

My Model Richard

Richard (my cat) goes to the Greenbarn Cattery when I go on holiday and the owner’s daughter, Amy, has created a special bond with Richard.  He went there as a kitten and he probably gets more attention from Amy than if he was at home.  Amy was the perfect choice for a model to create a styled shoot with Richard.  Richard is a bit of a scaredy cat and hides at strangers so it was important for me that he was relaxed. 

I had an amazing time taking Richard and Amy’s photographs and I just love the images that I took.  The images are so special that I have ordered a fine art print for my studio and also one for the cattery too.

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