Hampshire Baby Photographer shares love knitting..

Hampshire Baby Photographer Fareham shares love knitting..

Today 9th October is I Love Yarn Day so I thought I would share with you my love of knitting.  I Love Yarn Day was started in 2011 after the Craft Yarn Council decided that it needed to launch an event to promote the benefits of the industry’s products. To find out more I have provided the link to more information.


I’m sure as many of you know that my love of knitting started in the first Covid lockdown.   In the past I had bought some many knitted baby outfits and props on www.etsy.com and thought I could make my own props.  It doesn’t cost much for a ball of wool and it couldn’t be that difficult!  As I didn’t have a newborn baby to try on my outfits, it was a bit guess work on the sizes.   I must admit some of my earlier creations made their way to my niece’s for their dollies.  My knitting skills over the 18 months definitely improved.

My love of knitting continued throughout all lockdowns and I now have a studio wardrobe full of outfits.  Parents love it when I say I knitted the outfit that I used in their photography session.  My best friend had sent me some yarn from the USA and it was adorable so I tried to find an alternative locally.  So, in the January to April lockdown I started knitting a whole new range of rompers in different colours using the wool I discovered.  

I think I got a little obsessed with buying yarn and knitting in lockdown.  I still have a box of unused yarn that I might get around to using up one day.  I have a little kitten now so someone knitting with a ball of yarn to play with apparently is great fun.

When Sarah and Oliver came to the studio and Sarah was French, Oliver English, I decided to knit some French and UK flags to include in their newborn photo session.  They weren’t a masterpiece, but I enjoyed creating something that made Sarah and Oliver’s little baby girl, Rebecca’s photo session unique.  I did post that Tom’s Daley definitely was a winner on the creation of his cosy for his gold medal.  I’m sure everyone will remember scenes of Tom


With my kitten Richard, allowing, I hope I will get to share with you more of my knitting projects over the coming months

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