Hampshire newborn photographer share…If memories were money, would you be rich?

If Memories Were Money, Would You be Rich?

As a Hampshire newborn photographer, I do my absolute upmost to make sure that all of my visiting mums and dads have a wonderful experience when they come to my lovely newborn photography studio in Fareham.  I just love creating an amazing experience that they will always remember.  It’s so much more than a photography session, it’s truly an awesome experience.

One mum recently was apprehensive about coming to the studio with her newborn baby boy and bringing along her three girls (13 years, 11 years and seven years). 

She’d messaged me the day before with some concerns, but she loved the whole experience.  It adds to the many special memories that parents have when they have newborn babies.  I always have special memories of Katherine and her family.  The girls were so lovely, polite and well behaved.  They were just so much in love with their little brother.

Meeting Katherine and Family

I asked Katherine to share her thoughts, “I did feel apprehensive the day before and the morning of the shoot.  I was worried that it would be stressful, and that Shay would be fretful and uncomfortable, and that we may not get many good shots of him.  I was also panicking; having the rest of the family coming along too and how they might get restless waiting around during the shoot.

Jennifer was just wonderful, and the whole experience was very calming and relaxed!  I watched in awe as she soothed Shay to sleep and managed to take so many shots of him in different outfits and with many accessories without so much as a murmur from him!  Jennifer really is The Baby Whisperer!  As a family, we loved the whole experience, and it was totally stress-free for me!  Our children were very happy and content with juice and biscuits, and us adults a nice warm drink and a biscuit whilst we watched on, before having a few shots taken with Shay too!”

Here are some of the ‘behind the scenes’ photographs together with some of little Shay, and also Shay with his big sisters.

So, if memories were money, would I be rich?  Yes, most definitely!

Of course, I’ve got lots of personal memories of my childhood and my journey in life.  Perhaps I can share some of these in one of my future blogs.  Today though, I would really like to share some of my special photography memories with you.

I absolutely love being a photographer.  That includes 16 years as a wedding photographer and now five years as a newborn and portrait photographer.

My First Wedding

Going back to my first wedding I photographed, it was for my good friends Kate and Chris.  I can remember being so pleased that they had trusted me to take their wedding photographs.  At that time, the photography industry was still saying that film photographs were still of a better quality than digital.  Leaving my digital camera at home, I went with my film camera and then ended up converting all my negatives into digital images.  That was the last time I used film at a wedding!

There were so many special moments I captured in those 16 years, and it would certainly be a very long blog post if I shared my favourite memories.  So for now, I will skip to my last wedding last month for Georgia and Jack.  They were originally due to get married in May 2020 but didn’t go ahead because of Covid.  Georgia and Jack got married in Winchester and had their wedding reception at Itchin.  The weather was just gorgeous, and it was such a beautiful wedding to capture.  I loved being a wedding photographer, but did feel after a whole day of taking the wedding that I’m too old to be a wedding photographer now.  It felt so lovely to have such a beautiful wedding to photograph as my last.

For some parents, their journey to becoming parents hasn’t been easy, which is why a newborn photography session is just so important in creating special memories.  Usually, they have been on constant eggshells throughout their pregnancy; worried that something might go wrong again.  Their newborn baby to them is definitely worth the wait.

Claire and Paul

I got to meet Claire and Paul when they brought their rainbow baby Freya in for her newborn photography session.  The beautiful photographs I took of Freya at just 10 days old will always be very special to them.  It was really lovely to meet Freya again for her first birthday photography session.  I truly love capturing milestone photographs.  Freya was adorable and such a smiley little girl.  She definitely loves the camera!

Claire and Paul also asked me to capture Freya’s christening photographs.  I loved sharing her special day and capturing their memories for them to treasure.  Freya was loving her christening until the priest poured the font water over her head.  She wasn’t impressed.  It was a sunny day and I found a lovely shaded area at the back of the church to take the formal christening photographs.  Freya was smiling until she was held by her godfather ‘scary’ Andy.  Good job Andy didn’t take it to heart, and thankfully it made him laugh.  Afterwards, back at Paul’s parents’ home, I was able to capture the more natural photographs of their friends and family enjoying themselves.

Taking these special christening photographs reminded me just why I loved being a wedding photographer.  Interacting with people, capturing memories and interactions between friends and family are all so incredibly important and wonderful moments for you to treasure.   This month, I will be launching my christening and baby naming photography packages, so if you are interested, please do let me know – I’d love to chat with you about your upcoming celebrations.

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