International Women’s Day – My Journey

International Women’s Day

My Journey to becoming a specialist newborn baby photographer….

In celebration of International Women’s Day yesterday, I thought I would share with you my personal journey as a women entrepreneur and how I became a specialist newborn baby photographer at Cams Hall in Fareham.

One of the missions for the International Women’s Day is ….

To support women to earn and learn on their own terms and in their own way

I had a career as a business analyst with some of the leading retail banks and loved what I did but it was never my true passion.  As a child I had always loved getting photographs back in the post, way before the digital age.  Then when digital cameras first came out I bought one and absolutely loved it.  I got divorced and  decided to learn how to take photographs properly so bought my first camera and enrolled in a photography course.  There was no holding me back, I continued to study, did A Levels, did numerous photography courses and then my photography degree in 2006.

For years I juggled working part time “my day job” and my “hobby job”. That was what I was once told it was. In my case, this guy couldn’t believe that a women could be successful in having a passion for what we do and still be successful financially.  I specialised as a wedding photographer and loved it.  I was a wedding photographer for over 16 years and met some amazing couples and took photographs at some amazing venues.   I started to miss my Saturdays especially in the summer months when we were invited out to BBQs and I was working.

Then one year I went to a photography show and the Newborn Art Academy were advertising to train photographers as newborn photographers.  The training was quite an investment but definitely the best decision I made.   I had a studio at home for a while and then took the leap and rented a studio.  I was so proud of my first studio, The Bulls Pen in Upton Grey, Hampshire.

All was fantastic there and then life got even better as I met my partner who made my life complete.  I then moved down to Fareham to live with him.  I was travelling to my studio but the I had an accident in Toulouse (someone had left a cellar door open and I fell into it).  So with a fractured hip I couldn’t work for a while.  It was then I decided to find a studio closer to home.  How amazed I was when I came across Cams Hall in Fareham – the perfect location for a newborn baby photographer.

I love the journey I have been on.  Going back almost 20 years I had dreamed of having my own photography business and here I am now running a successful newborn photography business which I absolutely love. I made that happen through hard work and determination.

There are people that judge successful people and want to put them down.  People are successful because they take chances, go for what they want and work hard.  I once got told when I took on the lease for my first own studio “it will all end in tears”.  I’ve had my challenges in business, ups and downs but have always picked myself up and make things work.

I have an amazing business which gives me a work life balance so I get to have lots of special times with friends and family.  It gives me so much pleasure to be able to capture this special time in parents life.

Any girls out there thinking of starting out on their own, go for it…. what’s the worse that can happen?

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