Maternity photographer Fareham shares how a Maternity Shoot Can Make You Feel So Special and Beautiful

Becoming pregnant is such a special time in your life.  And having a maternity photography session as part of your journey to becoming a mum is such a magical experience.  You will no doubt be experiencing so many emotions as you look forward to meeting your little one; memories that you will want to treasure forever.
The first moments of when you announce you are pregnant are such happy times for you, your partner, family and friends.  It’s such an exciting time for you all as you look forward to meeting the newest member of your family.  And being in lockdown, you’ve got even more time to search online for everything you need – it’s a whole new shopping experience!  You’ll have a long list of everything you need to kit out your nursery and your home – from the buggy to nappies and everything in between.  It’s such a happy tim
It’s often said that pregnant mummies ‘bloom’.  Although for some it may not seem like it at the start of pregnancy with physical and emotional changes.  I bet that if you are a mummy who has suffered morning sickness and mood swings with hormonal changes, you will be looking forward to a time when you will look your best and develop glowing skin and shiny thick hair.  With all the moisture retained, your pregnancy will smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles.
So this is why it’s the perfect time to have your very own maternity photography session.  It will make you feel so special and beautiful.  Together, we can choose the right style and location for your maternity session.  I have a number of maternity gowns that you can choose from, and these will make you look and feel even more stunning.  Of course, gowns aren’t for everyone.  You might prefer something a little more casual.   The grounds at Cams Estate make such a beautiful natural backdrop for a maternity session – or you might prefer coming into my lovely warm newborn photography studio at Cams Hall, Fareham.
I asked a few of my mummies who had come to the studio for a maternity session about how it made them feel:
“One of the things that really concerned me about becoming pregnant (be it stupid or not) was if I was going to be comfortable with a growing changing body.  And the answer was yes!  Because it has been such a positive change and feeling a new life grow inside you is something I could never begin to describe.  It is such a wonderful feeling, in fact I wanted to celebrate this change and have something to look back on and cherish. Thank you so much Jennifer, for an amazing photo shoot and for capturing such a special memory for me to treasure for years to come. ” Stephanie 

“I had my maternity photography session with Jennifer and it was such a beautiful experience.  As this was my first time I was pregnant, I wanted to capture this experience in a beautiful way and the only way was to have a bump photo session.  I was mesmerised with how my body was changing and in love with it, so a maternity photo session made sense, because this way I could remember my journey and treasure those moments forever.  You were so kind, gentle and thoughtful which made me feel confident and relaxed.  Dressed in that beautiful pink gown made me feel comfortable in showing my bump as well as beautiful and strong for what I was becoming.  You’re amazing.” Beatrice
“Such an amazing lady and photographer.  So kind and just a down to earth lovely woman. She gets the best angles and really knows how to get a good shot.” Maisie
“I had my maternity photo shoot back in March just before the first lockdown. With it being my first pregnancy, I wanted to capture the special time in my life. Jennifer was so lovely and welcomed me and made me feel at ease straight away. I wore one of the dresses Jennifer had in her studio.  I felt so comfortable in it and I felt beautiful wearing it. The photos were so lovely and a lovely memory to look back on. Thank you Jennifer x.” Rebecca
“I had my maternity shoot with Jennifer today and it was an amazing experience.  Jennifer was so professional and made me feel so welcome and at ease!  She had an amazing selection of outfits and props.  I loved the fact I could use the bear I have had made for my little one in the photos!  This is my first pregnancy and I always wanted a maternity shoot.  I was so happy I managed to get this done before lockdown number two!  I can’t wait to have a newborn shoot with Jennifer when this is all back to normal!  If anyone is ever looking to get a shoot I would 1000% recommend Jennifer to do this! Xxx. “ Sophie
“Jennifer did my maternity shoot when coming out of the first lockdown.  She invited me outside so we could social distance.  I was offered a dress to wear and it really made the photos look amazing.  The photos are a beautiful memory of my pregnancy and I’m so pleased I had them done.  Definitely 100% would recommend Jennifer to anyone wanting them done as she was so thoughtful and kind.” Leanne
“In my maternity shoot with Jennifer I got to be me.  Me in all the wonder of growing our family addition.  Natural images and a fun experience to capture such a precious time in a pregnant women’s life.  Something I never thought I would ever do but so glad I did.  Thank you.” Sarah
“I loved my maternity shoot with Jennifer.  She made me feel so at ease and welcome in her studio.  Professional and friendly, Jennifer makes the whole experience one to remember and the photos were a wonderful keepsake to look back on.“  Victoria
“I had a maternity shoot whilst pregnant with my son.  I was initially a little unsure, however Jennifer made us feel so comfortable and I was so surprised by how much I adored the photos and the memory of my pregnancy!  I would recommend it to anyone who is considering it even if they aren’t 100% sure!  We’ve since had two newborn photoshoots with Jennifer and really cannot recommend her enough!”
 You’ve got so much to think about when you’re expecting your new arrival.  It’s such a magical time.  And choosing to have a newborn photography session with me is a wonderful way to capture the incredibly special time with your newborn within their first two weeks.

It’s often said that time goes so quickly when you have a little one.  And that is so true of having a newborn – they do grow so quickly.  Which is why photographs of newborns are so precious – you only get one chance to capture these special moments with your little one in the first few weeks.

Many of my lovely clients choose to start their photographs before their baby is born.  It’s so special for me to be able to build a relationship with you as you go through your very own pregnancy journey – from your beautiful bump to being with your gorgeous newborn. 

The first thing I’m often asked is how it all works.  So, when you get in touch, I’ll give you a call.  I’ll be able to talk you through the whole process; what you’d love to get from your beautiful images and any ideas you might have for colour schemes and much more.  As we work together, it’s really important for me understand what you want from your photographs and to truly get to know you.

I can’t wait for you to come to Cams Hall – my very special location.  It’s so beautiful.  In stunning grounds, it’s just a gorgeous venue.  And in fact, the driveway up to Cams Hall is amazing in itself.  I’m so lucky to have a spacious studio at Cams Hall in Fareham – it’s such a special venue to visit for your timeless newborn photography session.

When you come to the studio, it’s probably the first time you’ve had time to yourself since your life changed with your newborn.  It’s so lovely that you’ll trust me to take great care of your baby.  I even find that some parents are so shattered that they feel relaxed enough to have a doze!

I have to say, it’s so exciting for me to see you getting excited about capturing your newborn’s photographs.  Perhaps you’ll choose to have some wall art, or photos that will capture these treasured first moments through your baby’s first weeks.

One of the loveliest moments for me is getting your baby into positions you never would have thought possible – and while they’re still asleep.  Most of the newborns that come to me sleep through the whole of their session, and with my great settling techniques, you’ll probably call me the baby whisperer!  And I’ll love seeing your face when you watch your little one being a star model.  It’s so lovely to hear my clients tell me how magical it is to see their baby getting into poses while they’re still fast asleep.

After the session, I know you’ll be so excited to come and see the magical images that I’ve captured for you to treasure forever.   I’ll invite you to come back and watch a little sideshow to music.  I should warn you now, it can certainly be emotional – and we do get a few tears – and that’s not just from parents either.  You’ll be able to choose your favourite images – your chance to make an investment in beautiful treasured memories, and more than anything, an experience you’ll never want to forget.

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