My October 2021 as a Newborn Photographer in Fareham…

My October 2021 as a Newborn Photographer in Fareham… I can’t believe it’s November already.  Where did October go?  I thought I would share with you some of my special memories from my last month.

I kept my studio diary quite quiet last month.  As some of you might have known, Richard my gorgeous kitten came to live with us.  You might have seen my last blog post on my expectations of the arrival of my little kitten.  I naturally expected a kitten that would run up the curtains and cause total chaos, but he’s actually been such a good little boy.  I’ve started ‘click’ training with him.  It’s basically about rewarding positive actions with a click and then a treat.  It is definitely a slow process, but we have learned how to sit on command.  He loves to play find the treat in the cups.  I joined a Cat Training School which I love.

Richard is a nosy boy though.  I had one of my regular branding shoots with Lauren from LaHu Branding and I think Richard thought it was his photo session.  He photobombed most of the photos, but it’s great that they tell a story of memories of my time spent with Richard this month.

Richard now sits on command – Good boy!
Love finding the treat in the cups!

Some of you might not have heard of a ‘branding shoot’.  It’s basically my own photoshoot so that you, as my lovely clients, get to know the real me as a person.  I just love creating a great rapport with my clients and allowing a sneak preview into my world – helping you to get to know, like and trust me.  It’s so important, especially the trust part, as my visiting mums and dads entrust me to handle their little newborn babies in order to create magical memories that they will treasure forever.

Lauren and I created a few images that I can use for my Christmas marketing.  With the clocks going back this weekend and October gone by so fast, I’m sure like me you will be starting to focus on Christmas very soon.  Let’s hope we can all have a Christmas like we all enjoyed before Covid came along.  I’ve planned a couple of marketing activities for the rest of the year; the first being Black Friday and then of course my Christmas promotion.

Some of you might have seen my recent blog post on Sarah and Oliver when they came to my lovely newborn photography studio at Cams Hall with little Rebecca.  Next year, all being well, I’d like to travel to France more and hopefully bring along Richard on our travels.  I did O-level French at school but haven’t spoken French for years.  So, after lockdown, I decided to take on a new challenge and learn French.  I’m loving it.  I have a French tutor who comes to my house once a week and an amazing app on my iPad that teaches me 10 words a day.  I’m hoping that when I do get to France, all that I have learnt will allow me to communicate with the locals.  We will see…

Last month I got to visit my family.  It’s certainly been a bit manic since reopening the studio in April this year so a trip back home was amazing.  I got to meet my new Great Niece little Ivy and enjoyed a cuddle. I’m looking to visit again in December; hoping Richard will come on my travels too.  He’s going to be harnessed trained … I’ll keep you posted on that one!

I’m sure the next two months will fly by and we will be looking forward to a brighter 2022!

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