New start for 2021 at my newborn studio in Fareham….

New start for 2021 at my newborn studio in Fareham….

Each year, I look forward to planning the year ahead.  What will my business goals be?  And excitingly –  getting my shiny new planner ready.  This year, I bought new colour ink for my fountain pen so it felt like a totally new beginning.  If you’re a stationery freak like me then you’ll certainly get my logic.  So in between Christmas and New Year, I got to do some planning and started thinking about how I could improve upon my customer experience for my mummies and daddies. 

You might have read in my end of 2020 blog post how families valued their photographs in 2020 and a lot of mummies were gutted that they missed out on their newborn photograph experiences.  I had hoped that my lovely studio would be open in January, however being in Tier 4 I sadly have to remain closed until the virus numbers have gone down. 

New Props

I’m so excited to have introduced quite a few new props to my prop wardrobe.  I just love these romper and hat sets.  And of course, I absolutely love the little green teddy and bonnet that Prickled Pink have created for me.  Watch this space though, as I’m going to introduce wraps, teddies and bonnets in this yarn in the other colours.  It’s just so exciting!  And Prickled Pink have also created some amazing teether toys for me and I am so delighted that we will have a selection in my studio ready for clients to buy. 

Some of you may remember before lockdown I had a smaller studio in Cams Hall and with social distancing, I moved to a larger studio which has been amazing.  You know, I’d never be able to go back down to that smaller studio now, as I’ve filled all the space in my new studio.  I had 200 square feet before and now I’ve got 600!  In fact, I’ve no idea how I managed before!  Not only that, but I’d also like to introduce some beautiful new background colours and some other special props that will enable me to take some unique newborn photographs of your gorgeous little ones.

The Importance of Family Connections

With the tier allocation by the government just before Christmas, I know that so many families were disappointed that they couldn’t spend time together, as was mine.  I didn’t get to see my family back in Wiltshire and it was probably one of the first Christmases in my life that I’ve not seen my parents at some point. 

So when a newborn is born, they’re born into a family, a family tree; creating a new generation in history.  And I have to say that I’m really interested in the background behind genetics.  It’s fascinating when non-dominant genes are passed down to a newborn.  For example, parents giving birth to a baby with ginger hair as the genes have been passed down from an earlier generation.  As a child, I always thought I looked like my mother’s side of the family, but in recent years and from a photograph taken at my niece’s wedding last year, I actually think I look like my dad. 

When I was in my old studio, I had a whiteboard where I would write the babies’ names down and their weights.  Families loved to see how their baby’s weight compared with other babies.  I’ve bought a family tree for my lovely studio, and if my visiting families wish to, they can write their baby’s name and weight on a heart and one word to describe their newborn experience with me.  And at the end of this new year, one baby will be picked to win a celebration prize out of all of my visiting families of 2021. 

Enhancing my Photography Skills 

Like any profession, you can truly never stop learning.  So this year, I’d like to do more newborn photography training from some of the amazing experts in the industry.  This way I’ll be able to provide my parents with even more beautiful photographs of treasured memories they just have to have and keep.  

Getting to Know Me More 

You might have noticed that I have increased my blog posts recently and this will be a really important part of my business next year.  I have an amazing copywriter who takes my rambling words and turns them into a logical well-written blog post.  But what my rambles do is share my personality and my passion with you – my mummies and daddies.  And Carlie, over the years, has learnt my style of writing but also adds her magic to my words.  Not only do these blogs give me more exposure through Google, but people get to know, like, and trust me more.  

Working Hard – and Missing Holidays 

I do work really hard on my business and always want to provide my visiting families with the best photographs they can have and that they will treasure forever.  Like everyone else, I’ve really missed having things to look forward to.  Matthew and I often like to get away on a few holidays and this year there obviously haven’t been any.  So hopefully we will be safe this year and we can start to book a holiday.  In fact, we are quite looking forward to a UK holiday, as lockdown has made us truly appreciate what is on our doorstep. 

I so hope 2021 sees the end of the virus and we all get to see friends and family, and can plan to do all the things that make us happy!  

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