Newborn photographer Fareham… advice for mummies-to-be planning on getting pregnant

Newborn photographer Fareham… advice for mummies-to-be planning on getting pregnant…

For some parents, being a parent can be a bit of a shock, and although not planned is always a welcomed surprise. I know for me, I always knew I wanted to be a mum and made a conscious decision to come off the pill and try for a baby.  Getting pregnant didn’t prove easy for me, and it became a bit of an obsession; especially as month after month it never happened, I think I must have spent a fortune on failed pregnancy tests.  Unfortunately, it turned out that I couldn’t become pregnant, so I truly have lots of empathy with any mums who have a painful journey to getting pregnant.

Back when I was trying to get pregnant, I had a little mini diary that I used to track my days.  Now there are some many apps available for mums to track their ovulation to help predict the most fertile days.  For research for this blog, I did a research on the best fertility apps of 2020/21 and came across this useful website by the London Clinic of Nutrition –https://londonclinicofnutrition.co.uk/nutrition-articles/the-10-best-uk-fertility-apps-2020-2021/

Taking Time

From chatting to mummies, some fall pregnant very quickly and for others it can take a while.  When it doesn’t happen, couples may look for alternative options like adoption or having a life without children.  “Marty our first was about a year… Quinn our second took three years.  We actually started to go through adoption for our second when we found out Quinn was happening.”

For couples who have gone through fertility treatment such as IVF or have a rainbow baby, they always get a special gift from me when they bring their newborn baby to the studio for their newborn photographs.

I came across this page too which is really useful for providing surprising facts on getting pregnant.  I really love the video at the end with mums sharing their experiences on getting pregnant.


Helping Your Fertility

Although eating a healthy diet and taking part in regular exercise doesn’t necessary guarantee that you will be fertile, eating a balance diet can definitely optimise your own health and your baby’s future health.  Now I’m not an expert on nutrition, but in my personal life I try to eat healthy; with a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fruit and vegetables.  One mummy shared with me how she prepared herself for being pregnant, “With Marty, I was playing a lot of sport, and felt and was physically fit and strong, so it was good preparation.  With Quinn I went to the gym and swam, but it took a while so there was no active tactics on how to prepare.”

I came across this website that suggests some foods that you can eat when you are pregnant.


I’ve had a few mummies who’ve got pregnant within twelve months of having their first baby.  It’s always a bit of a shock!  In fact, years ago when two children were born within 12 months of each other, they were quite often referred to as Irish Twins.  One of my mummies shared that it had “Happened fairly quickly after my daughter – she was almost 10 months old when I found out.  But I was still fully breastfeeding and taking the pill.  I think we’re very fertile”.  From searching the internet, there seems to be some confusion on whether you can still get pregnant while breastfeeding.  This webpage provides some helpful clarity:


Whether it’s a planned pregnancy or a surprise, taking a pregnancy test can involve many emotions such as happiness, excitement, fear, scared, disbelief.  I bet that new parents are bursting to share their news, but most wait until 12 weeks when they know all is good.  Clearblue has a great webpage which explains what getting a positive pregnancy post means.https://uk.clearblue.com/pregnancy-tests/positive-results

Surprise, Shock, Disbelief?

I also asked a couple of parents how they shared their pregnancy news either with their partner or family.

“I knew for about a week before telling him, I gave him a giant helium heart balloon attached to a box.  In the box I attached the test with booties and a hat …. he cried!”

“I only told my mum and my best friend the minute I did the test, I wasn’t planning on telling any more until Christmas Day, but I had an unexpected bleed and needed my mum.  We told the rest of the family Christmas Day, with a little vest with baby no. 4 on the front with a scan picture as I was already 14 weeks’ pregnant. “

“With Marty, we met both sets of parents with a lovely little box containing a babygrow.  However, due to lockdown we had to announce Quinn over facetime to my parents who live in Cambridge.  They were so shocked it took a few days for it to sink in.”

For some mummies, they get a feeling they are pregnant in the early days, even before they have taken a pregnant test; raised temperature, feeling tired and breast changes.  I came across this page on 15 Signs of Pregnancy You’ll Experience Almost Immediately:


The good thing about my newborn photography business here at the beautiful Cams Hall is that there are always babies being born, despite the journey the parents have been on.  Historically, September has always been a busy month for newborns – probably something to do with Christmas holidays.  Even in lockdown, I get lots of parents enquiring about newborn photography session when I am open.  Lockdown newborn babies, I just cannot wait to meet you!

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