Newborn photographer Fareham celebrates Father’s Day 2021

Newborn photographer Fareham celebrates Father’s Day 2021

For some Dads, this will be their first Father’s Day ever, so it really is a special day to be celebrated.  As a newborn photographer, I have always celebrated Father’s Day with a competition or by sharing gorgeous daddy and baby photographs.  In most cases, men don’t usually like having their photographs taken, but there is something special about being photographed with their newborn baby.  While I take the dad’s photograph with their baby, I often say, “smile at me Dad”, followed by, “does that sound weird being called Dad?”  In most cases they say “yes”.

Safe in Daddy’s Hands

Where dads don’t like having their faces in the photograph, they are usually willing to have a photograph taken of their baby held up in their hands.  The photograph appears that the dad is holding the baby up high, but in reality, the baby is laid down on a black background and then the image is flipped in Photoshop, so the baby is totally safe.  All safe in Daddy’s hands.  

Being a Dad is such a special role in life!  I realise now it is more than that.  As I get older and my Dad gets older too, I really appreciate the value of my relationship with him.   As my parents live in Wiltshire, and with Covid recently, I haven’t seen much of them, but I’m looking forward to a weekend in July for my birthday when we get to visit.  I did get to see him back in July last year for his 80th birthday too.  

Just Like Dad

I’m sure I get a lot of my personality traits from my Dad.  Even as a child, I recognised how hard he worked.  He worked on a farm for the majority of his working life.  Even though we never had much money as we were growing up, we always had a holiday each year, lots of family time and our Christmas holidays were always special.  He can be stubborn and a worrier, but I wouldn’t change him for the world.  I used to think that I looked more like my mum, but the photograph below was taken at my niece’s wedding and I can see how much I look like my dad.

I recently took Ellie’s first birthday photographs.  She was definitely a mini version of her dad.  Not only did they look so alike, Ellie’s mum shared that even their personalities were like two peas in a pod.  Apparently they both have quite a stubborn streak.

For Georgia and Jack, their journey to becoming parents was really tough (you might have caught up on my blog on Journey of Getting Pregnant and Becoming a New Mummy and Daddy).  This will be Jack’s first Father’s Day and I’m sure Georgia will have something lovely planned for Jack.  This is one of my favourite photographs of a proud daddy.

Experiences as a Dad

I asked a few of my Facebook followers what were their experiences as a dad.

Matt shared “Having Evelyn has changed my life. The concept of love was always something I thought I knew, but watching her grow I find myself overwhelmed with love for her and this instinct to protect her, guide her and support her in whatever life has in store for us! Being her Dad is the greatest honour I could have been given and my life is enriched now having her here!”

And some of the mums shared stories of their own dads.

Rachel: “My dad means the world to me, he has Parkinson’s now and it really shows you how short life is and reminds you to make the most of it.“  My step-granddad had Parkinson’s Disease and I remember as a child watching him dealing with this challenging illness.

Claire shared her memories of her dad, “I loved my Daddy so much, he was a superhero in plain clothes.  Sadly he passed away last year & he never got to meet our rainbow baby.  No doubt he is looking down on us laughing when Freya is mischievous.”  Taking Claire and Paul’s newborn photographs of Freya was so special.  It’s always so special to capture rainbow baby photographs.  (see my post on capturing Rainbow babies)

Sarah shares, “My dad was the original papa bear.  He was my hero and protected me from the nastiness in the world.  My dad died in 2013 and left a massive gap in my world that can never be filled.  My family misses him loads.  Dad missed out on meeting our sunrise baby boy who he would have been immensely proud of.”

Treasured Memories

The majority of photographs I take of Dads now are with their newborn baby, and sometimes at sitter and first birthday photography sessions too.  As a wedding photographer for over 16 years, I’d capture lots of family photographs which I’m sure have been treasured for years. 

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