Newborn Photographer Fareham celebrating beautiful friendships

Newborn Photographer Fareham celebrating beautiful friendships…

Today is National Best Friends Day (8th June 2021), and thought I would create a blog post with my best friend Charlie to share with you some special insights into our friendship throughout the years.

I did a little research into Best Friends Day


“June the 8th every year is National Best Friends Day and it’s all about celebrating the friendships that are so important to us.

A lot of research has been done into the benefits of friendships and how they enrich our lives, which has gone on to show that strong social support will boost your happiness, improve self-confidence and increase your sense of belonging and purpose.”

Everyone needs a good friend to support them through the good and tough times in their life.  For mummies-to-be, including the ones who come to visit my lovely newborn photography studio in Hampshire, being pregnant in lockdown might have been tough, and especially not being able to join face to face groups and meet other mummies going through the same experiences.  I recently shared a Facebook post for Elmer Day and asked mummies to comment on how supported them through their pregnancy.


Jo’s share that her biggest support throughout lockdown was her husband Chris who was absolutely brilliant at making sure that she ate well, exercised and also rested enough while baby Tobias was growing inside her.

Charlie and I asked each other 5 questions each and would love to share with you what our friendship means to us.

Asking Charlie
Jennifer’s first question to Charlie is… if you booked a holiday with your best friend and got told you could only pack 5 things in your bag, what would the 5 things Charlie thought I would choose to pack?
  • Camera – your true love and passion, for work and pleasure
  • Laptop – to be able to put the photos on it and edit etc.
  • Curling iron – (or straightener) to style your hair in different ways, the extensions have made you feel so much better
  • Perfume – smelling good is always important, and can make a woman feel prettier
  • Dress – you love dresses and wear them a lot, winter or summer.  They too make you feel pretty
Jennifer’s second question…  so, as you know, Jennifer’s life has been a bit of a bumpy road with relationships, what do you think you have given her through the years in support?

My ear and my shoulder.  No matter what, I have supported the decisions that Jenny has made.  She once asked me “should I leave this relationship?”  To which I answered “that is up to you and you only.  But you have choices.  Stay, put up with it, leave it, anything.  It would have been so easy to have told her, but she had to do that on her own.  In addition, even if Jenny has acted or made decisions that I have not thought the best for her I have supported her.  I have told other friends this advice “you may not understand it but you have to accept it” – I feel that with everyone.  We may not understand each other’s decision but we must accept it.”

Jennifer asks, our families have never met, our parents had quite different lives and us having different childhood upbringings.  From what you have learned about me, what makes our relationship special having different childhood upbringings?

I think despite our different upbringings, we are so similar.  We are givers, and want to help everyone.  We are nurturers and put others first.  So our upbringings didn’t matter.  We are good people, she and I, that we haven’t let the backgrounds affect our friendship.  In fact, we haven’t really talked to each other much about how different they were.  We are just friends, no matter what.

Jennifer has two sisters, you don’t have any sisters, but why do you think we are more like sisters than anyone could ever know?

I think sometimes people just click.  It can be sisters that click.  It can be strangers that click.  You and I click, and with that comes closeness.  Love doesn’t discriminate if there is a blood connection or not.  With our short time that we have, we must be surrounded by people that make us happy, that support us, that have no judgement. 

We are both in our 50s and hope we can have a girlie holiday each year (without the annoying Covid).  What do you think our friendship future holds for us?

I can only hope that we are old, wrinkly and NOT grey (as I’ll keep my blonde, you too), and still be giggling together, with our glass of wine and sitting watching the world go by!  One thing for sure, I will always be there for you.

Questions for Jennifer

So now over Charlie’s questions to me…

We have both gone through a lot together in our friendship, so what is one good thing about me that has stuck out most in your mind from our past?

We’ve gone through so much in our friendship, but I think for me, we have always been honest with each other.  No matter how hard it may be to hear a straight-talking answer, you have always been there for me through a lot of my bumps in life, but for me one has stood out of all of them.  I had a relationship with a guy who saw my vulnerability.  

You were in England at the time and were able to support me.  I think it was the first time you met my sister.  I remember a time when you had taken on a military life and there was a time in South Dakota when you were so alone, I hope that my regular connection helped you get through that time.  Another significant time in our relationship was when you had a tough time with a work colleague who made life pretty bad for you.  I know at the time we had a difficult time relating to our own personal difficulties, but we’ve come through that and have a stronger friendship for it.

I moved to the USA and you diligently wrote to me every single week by hand.  Not many people, even back then, would write.  What made you keep our friendship up, as I was so far away?

My big regret in life is not to have kept those handwritten letters from you.  We’ve both moved a lot over the years, and I had to de-clutter when we moved.  Some 30 years later, why didn’t I realise they were important?   There was something quite magical about receiving a handwritten letter in the post.  For the majority of our friendship we haven’t lived in the same country, but it just goes to show that people think social media keeps people in touch, but Charlie and I have proved that without social media, we sent handwritten letters and kept in touch. 

We’ve done a few vacations together.  If money and time were no object, what would be the perfect vacation for us and what would we do?

I think Paris will always be our special place and it’s a shame we didn’t do your 50th birthday in Paris.  Now you are in the US, we’ve talked about sharing a girlie weekend New York.  That will be amazing.  I think we should always do a birthday holiday each year – maybe May/June each year.  The excitement will be choosing our birthday destination.  2022 – where are we going?  We’ve been in lockdown for too long, so let’s set our dreams high! 

Why do you think we’ve stayed friends, despite the geographical and time differences, for 30 years?

We connected from day 1.  It’s been too many years to remember the day we first met.  Maybe you do?  I do remember a friendship between three of us, me and you and Katharine.  She was a good friend, but both of us unfortunately have lost contact with her.  If I’m honest I never thought then we’d still be friends some 30 years later.  I think because our lives have been so different it kept our friendships fresh, and there has always been something we can discuss and see from a different perspective.  We’ve proven that with no social media, you can still keep in touch for 30 years.

We don’t always see our own strengths and weaknesses.  Do you think there is anything left for me to do, career wise or hobby wise that I would be good at?

You are amazing at pointing out my weaknesses when I am in the wrong.  But it’s a subtle ‘you need to know this’.  You also build my own self esteem.  I know you do a lot of work to support local charities and have a real gift to help people to get them through tough times.  Like me being a newborn photographer, you have a calling to help people who are struggling at some point in their life.

I hope with Charlie and I sharing our friendship experiences, it will give you faith that there will always be someone who can provide you the support that you need to help you get through any difficult times you may have.

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