Newborn Photographer Fareham compares the experience of being a Wedding Photographer

Newborn Photographer Fareham compares the experience of being a Wedding Photographer…..Many of you already know that I was a wedding photographer for over 16 years before I trained as a newborn baby photographer.  Although I was a professional wedding photographer experienced in the technical skill, composition and lighting of photography, the role of a newborn photographer is so totally different.  Being a newborn photographer is much more about handling and posing your little one.

I absolutely loved being a wedding photographer; capturing amazing photographs for so many brides and grooms.  It was always such a privilege to share their special day and create beautiful memories that they could treasure forever.  I really loved the buzz of the wedding and interacting with people, but I really missed spending my weekends with friends and family; particularly in the summer months.  Especially as, bless them, brides and grooms lost all sense of time and the first dance would never be on time.  I had always said that if I lost the passion for being a wedding photographer, I would stop photographing weddings.

Getting to Know You

As part of being a wedding photographer, I would do a pre-wedding photography session with the couple.  This was really helpful in getting to know them before their wedding day.  For me, the pre-wedding photo sessions were very similar to getting to know a mummy-to-be at her maternity session.  Not all mummies want a maternity session, but for those who do, they say it makes them feel very special (see my blog post How a Maternity Session Can Make You Feel Special and Beautiful ).

Weddings are not for all photographers.  You have to have strong technical photography skills to act on your feet in different lighting conditions.  You have to think on your toes to capture those special moments throughout the day.

The Newborn Photographer …..The Baby Whisperer

With my newborn photography, I use studio lighting, and although a photographer must know how to set the right lighting and position of the light, once it is set up it doesn’t change.  This is great as I get to focus on the newborn baby.  A big part of my training as a newborn photographer was the handling and posing of the baby.  Clients call me the ‘Baby Whisperer’ and often try my settling and soothing techniques when they’re back at home.

So what inspired me to write a post about the differences between wedding photography and newborn photography?  Although I no longer advertise myself as a wedding photographer, it’s always good to keep on top of my technical skills.

Heather & Jo’s Wedding

I took Heather and Jo’s newborn photographs of their son Miles four years ago and subsequent photography sessions.  I instantly connected with them, and when they asked me to take their wedding photographs, I knew it would be a very special day.  In the past, weddings for me were all day events, usually 9am until 9pm.  Heather and Jo had just asked for a few hours which was perfect.

Jo and Heather were married on 7th May at Winchester registry office.  I met Heather for her bride getting ready photographs and then headed off to Winchester.  It was quite a different wedding with the Covid restrictions.

All the guests had to wait outside and come in five minutes before the ceremony.  I was included in the restricted number of 15 guests so I was able to come into the ceremony room and take the ceremony photographs.  It was strange seeing all the guests at a wedding wearing masks.  Heather had bought all the guests the same masks.

Special Little Guests

Miles looked adorable in his little suit and mask.  He just loves the camera and is so photogenic.  He has a best friend Ella (you might have seen my Facebook posts of Ella at my studio with his baby brother Tommy).  He kept saying it was his wedding to Ella.  When Ella arrived with Tommy and her parents, she ran up to Miles and gave him a big cuddle.  There were lots of ‘ahhs’.  Unfortunately, Ella and her parents couldn’t come into the studio because of the numbers so they waited outside for the wedding party to come out.  Miles came running out of the registry office and gave Ella such a big cuddle.  I wonder as they grow up whether they’ll keep their cuddles up.

We were so lucky with the weather as it was a dry day; a little cloudy but good weather for the photographs.  After the group photographs, the guests went back to the ceremony whilst I stayed behind with Heather and Jo and took their bride and groom photographs.

Whilst I loved the experience of capturing Jo and Heather’s wedding photographs, I’m not rushing back into being a wedding photographer.  I will say though, if any of my existing baby clients would like to book me for their smaller wedding, I would be happy to discuss.  It would be amazing to continue to capture their life journey.

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