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Where would a business be without its customers?  I do believe in providing my lovely customers with truly the best newborn photography experience possible, from the moment we first get to communicate, through to delivering their timeless images.  Getting to know my customers and making sure I understand what they want from a photography studio, makes sure I’m able to provide them with the best experience I possibly can; one that they’ll never forget.  I once read a book called Be My Guest which is based on the Walt Disney experience.  ‘Exceeding expectation rather than simply satisfying them’ is the cornerstone of the Disney approach to customer service.  It’s a really great read for any business wanting to be inspired to wow their customers.

At my gorgeous photography studio, I get to meet some amazing mummies and daddies.  Parents get time to relax and I just love listening to snippets of their life journeys.  Back in February this year, just before lockdown, Sarah won one of my newborn competitions.  I can remember very early on that she had planned a gender reveal, so I made a note to make contact to find out what she was having.  She told me about her other little boy which meant a very excited big brother Marty.  Over the next few months, Sarah and I kept in touch and I was delighted to be able to take her beautiful maternity photographs.  We did her maternity photo shoot in May within the lovely grounds of Cams Hall.  Her maternity photographs were so amazing, she really did look so beautiful and relaxed.  Then little baby Quinn arrived in September, and not only did I get to take his gorgeous newborn photographs, but Sarah and her husband Christian took part in my promotion video which as really lovely. To view the promotion video click here.

Sarah and I have become good friends over the last few months.  I hope that one day when lockdown is over we can have a proper girlie chat over a glass of wine.  I love Sarah’s bubbly personality, I wonder if with travelling around a lot as a RAF child she developed her amazing people skills.  We had such an amazing time taking her maternity photographs.  We went for a casual outdoor style shoot which was just perfect.

When I heard the exciting news that Sarah’s second son, little Quinn, was born, we arranged to have his newborn shoot.  The timing was just perfect, thank you little Quinn, as I had arranged LaHu Brand Visibility to create a gorgeous promotion video of my newborn photography experience at Cams Hall.  I knew Sarah would be able to show the experience just as it is; relaxed, exciting, precious and trusting.  Little did I know that she hadn’t really told Christian what she had let him in for.  He was fantastic though, and simply took it all in his stride.  I can see how Christian’s laid-back personality complements Sarah’s venturous ‘go ahead’ style.

Sarah’s boys are absolutely adorable.  Marty is a cute little 5-year-old with a surf-dude look.  It will definitely be interesting to see how similar the looks and personality of Marty and Quinn are as Quinn gets a little older.  Marty was named after Marty McFly from Back to the Future; a movie that both Christian and Sarah love.  As like Marty McFly, Sarah’s little Marty is ‘cool-without-trying’.  I think it’s so lovely that Marty got to name his little brother Quinn after a therapy dog that Marty met.

Talking of names, Sarah has a company which is called Prickled Pink – a fantastic name.  I’m sure that Sarah would say it has no significant meaning but I think Prickled Pink suits Sarah’s company just perfectly.  It was a play on words and looks so great hand written.  You really get a ‘Prickled’ tingly emotion when you see her products.  Pink is just so girlie, it’s definitely my favourite colour.  I really am in awe of her beautiful crochet skills.  Now I’ve tried to learn crochet before, and it was just so hard that I gave up. 

I absolutely love the wonderful products that Sarah’s been making for my newborn photography studio and cannot wait to introduce more of her creations as newborn props very soon.  Mixing a busy home life with two gorgeous little boys and currently home schooling, Prickled Pink can only be a successful hobby business for now.  When her little boys are tucked up in bed, Sarah gets to have her downtime and creates more beautiful products for photography studios and also her many social media followers.  It makes her feel very proud when she sees little newborns wearing and/or holding her delicate products. 

I really love Sarah’s optimistic, cheery and positive attitude.  Her email address wishonastar2010 was created at a time when old chapters were ending and new ones starting. With this whimsical approach to life, I’m sure she will go with the flow with whatever the rest of 2021 and 2022 will bring.  Even if she doesn’t get her wish of a tidy house and one that doesn’t smell of boys and a dog!  And I’m certainly looking forward to that girlie chat and a glass of wine when it’s safe to do so.

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