Newborn Photographer Fareham shares Amy’s sunshine story

Amy’s Story

Newborn Photographer Fareham shares Amy’s story….I’ve always been a believer in fate.  Through my bumpy life journey and when things didn’t go too well, I’d have a good cry and then bounce back.  My business mentor used to say I was the “queen of bounce back”.  Although perhaps not at the time, I’ve always looked back and thought things happened for a reason.  Maybe it was because something better was around the corner?  If my life journey wasn’t the way it was, perhaps I would never have been a newborn photographer; my dream job.  Whether it was fate, or the setbacks in my life, I’m sure, they have all made me stronger and determined to succeed. 

Having my own personal journey helps me connect with mummies and daddies who have had a tough time getting pregnant, and I absolutely love to celebrate with them by taking their gorgeous newborn photographs.

Reaching Out

Being in lockdown, I started knitting my own props for my lovely newborn photography studio at Cams Hall; it kept me focusing on my business.  Even though I didn’t know at the beginning of the year when I would be able to open my studio, I reached out to mums-to-be for models in the hope that my studio would be open by the summer.  Amy, Eliza’s mummy, contacted me regarding the newborn model opportunity.  I can remember having a conversation with Amy where she shared that she had lost her mum 5 years ago and her mum’s favourite flower was a sunflower.  Amy and Chris had IVF and only had one egg to fertilise so there was quite a low chance of success.  Amy and Chris received the good news that the embryo had made it to day 5 and the transfer could take place.  On the day of the transfer, a sunflower appeared out of nowhere at the bottom of their garden – perhaps her mum was looking down on her.  The sunflower stayed in flower for 10 days until Amy took the positive pregnancy test!  So lovely!  Seeing the sunflower there gave them both so much comfort.

Through Amy’s pregnancy journey, we kept in touch and when I got to meet her at Eliza’s newborn photography session, I felt like I already knew her.  The newborn photography session was amazing, Eliza was just the perfect model.  Afterwards, I asked Amy how she felt about the newborn experience; not just the session, but from our initial conversation right through to seeing Eliza’s gorgeous newborn photographs.

Amy’s Experience

“From the first time I spoke to Jennifer over the phone, I felt totally relaxed, like I had known her for ages and I knew she was the right person to capture the first precious photos of Eliza.

The shoot itself was brilliant.  The venue is stunning and all the little touches Jennifer made, such as our welcome sign on the door and sourcing all the sunflower props, made everything feel so special.  Jennifer also has a magic touch at sending babies to sleep!

The photos were all incredible and I spent most of the appointment viewing them wiping the tears away (mine, not Eliza’s).  I’m so thankful to Jennifer for capturing our little miracle and we will definitely be back for more in the future!”

Chris, Eliza’s daddy, is a pilot and in February 2020, at the very start of the pandemic had handed his notice in at Qatar Airways, having been offered a job at BA.  COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown meant Chris wasn’t able to start his new job, but Chris and Amy shared with me that if lockdown hadn’t happened, maybe they would never have had the opportunity to have IVF and for Chris to share the pregnancy journey with Amy, and without a doubt spending precious time with Eliza. 

Dream Model

I loved Eliza’s newborn photography session; she was such a dream model.  I had planted some sunflower seeds early in July and although my sunflower plants in my garden are doing well, there were no flowers to include in Eliza’s photo session.  We definitely had to include sunflowers in the photography session, although artificial but they still have a special meaning.  I’m so excited to share with you some of the adorable photographs from this session.

After planning my garden plants in lockdown and watching my sunflowers grow from seed (can’t wait to share when my plants flower), I love that I am able to make a connection between a pregnancy journey and the miracle of a little sunflower girl being born; Eliza!

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