Newborn Photographer Fareham Shares the Joys, Tears and Celebrations of Becoming a Mum

Newborn Photographer Fareham Shares the Joys, Tears and Celebration of Becoming a Mum….It’s a very exciting time for new mummies when they become pregnant.  However, for some, it may feel like treading on eggshells and taking each day as it comes throughout their pregnancy.  They may have had a previous miscarriage or gone through the experience of IVF.  I love to celebrate with these mummies when they come to my newborn photography studio at Cams Hall with their newborn baby and they always receive an extra little gift from me.  For some mummies, they have such a heart-rending experience of their baby being born silently.  I can’t imagine how tough it is for mums and dads to get through each day at a time but it’s organisations like Sands that are invaluable in helping and supporting parents who have gone through so much heartache.

For the month of May, I am delighted to be supporting Sands, a very special organisation that provides much-needed support for mummies and daddies whose babies are born sleeping.  Taken from the Sands website, this is their vision:

“Sands is the leading stillbirth and neonatal death charity in the UK. Sands exists to reduce the number of babies dying and to ensure that anyone affected by the death of a baby receives the best possible care and support for as long as they need it.”


Brooke’s Challenge – Take on 2 Million this May for Sophia

Brooke, one of my mummies who came to my studio with her first little girl, Hope, sadly had her second daughter, Sophia Grace born sleeping.  Brooke has launched a special fundraising activity through the Sands Charity to ‘Take on 2 Million this May for Sophia’.  Brooke’s aim is to do 100 repetitions per day, whether lunges, push ups or squats to raise money for the Sands organisation.

If you would like to contribute yourself to the Brooke’s challenge of ‘I’m taking on 2 Million this May for Sophia’, feel free to donate using the link here:


Jennifer’s Challenge – Take on the £500 Challenge this May for Sophia

I am delighted to be supporting Brooke’s challenge too, so throughout May, for every photography product sale that I make in the studio, a percentage will be donated to the Sands charity with an aim of reaching £250 by the end of May.  I will keep Brooke updated during May as to how the donation pot is going.  

Brooke has kindly shared her very special story with me which she has allowed me to share with you all.  Over the last few months, Brooke has experienced the joys of being pregnant, the scary times when she feared losing her baby, the tears of the loss of Sophia and now the positivity in the celebration of Sophia’s life.  Brooke is also keen to help as many people as possible as who are going through the same loss of a child by sharing her precious story.

In Celebration of the Life of Sophia Grace Carter

In November 2021, Brooke and Richie celebrated the positive two lines of their pregnancy test and couldn’t believe how lucky they were to be having another baby.  Their happiness seemed short-lived as Brooke experienced a massive bleed at six weeks and they were scared they had lost their baby girl.  A scan next day revealed that there was a big bleed around the baby and were asked to come back 48 hours later.  The doctors sadly thought she was having a molar pregnancy so they needed to back the next day for surgery to remove it.

I hadn’t heard of the term ‘molar pregnancy’ so I researched it on the Internet. 

“A molar pregnancy is when there’s a problem with a fertilised egg, which means a baby and a placenta do not develop the way they should after conception. A molar pregnancy will not be able to survive.  It happens by chance and is very rare.”

Preparing themselves for the worst, Brooke was rushed for a scan next morning to be told that by some miracle, their baby was fine with a strong heartbeat.  Sophia was a determined little lady.  The next few weeks for Brooke and Richie were hard and full of worry.  Brooke would bleed everyday up until 10 weeks, but at every scan their baby was perfectly fine. 

At their 12-week scan in January, everything was perfect, no bleeding so they decided to announce their news to family and friends.  Unfortunately, their happiness was short-lived as at 14 weeks, Brooke experienced another massive bleed, this time a lot heavier and painful.  Brooke feared for the worst.  A scan revealed that the baby was still healthy.  The bleeding seemed ‘unexplained’, but the hospital called it a “threatened miscarriage”.

At a private scan the following week, Brooke and Richie were told that the reason for the bleeding was a sub-chronic haemorrhage (Sub-chorionic haemorrhage is bleeding beneath the chorion membranes that enclose the embryo in the uterus.  It is thought to occur due to partial detachment of the chorion membranes from the wall of the uterus) but the baby again was all good and fighting.  With scans every week, at 16 weeks a gender scan revealed a healthy baby girl. 

At 17 weeks, Brooke and Richie were at risk of losing their baby.  They were determined to fight for their baby girl, they had come so far.  Even after a massive bleed on the 5th March, their baby girl was still fighting.  On Wednesday 9th March, sadly everything came crashing down, at 3pm Brooke experienced bad stomach cramps and again started to bleed.  Reassured that their baby’s heartbeat was strong, they decided to go home.  By 11pm, in a lot of pain, Brooke returned to the hospital, all was good so they went back home.  By 4am, Brooke had gone into labour and their baby was on its way. 

At 4.40am, Sophia Grace Carter was born silently.  She was absolutely perfect but so tiny, weighing just 180g.  Brooke and Richard spent time with her, had photos taken and their midwife took prints of her hands and feet. 

For Brooke and Richard, losing their daughter is one of the hardest things they have ever been through, but by talking to people that have been through the same, this gave them comfort knowing they understood their pain. 

Brooke reached out to Sands for support and help at this difficult time.  They sent her a memory box for Sophia with a teddy, blanket, birth certificate and a bereavement support book.  Sands offers telephone support, which Brooke found useful and there are face-to- face groups that she may find useful when she feels stronger emotionally.

Brooke and Richie’s little girl Hope has kept them going; a reason to get out of bed each day.

Thank you so much to Brooke and Richie for allowing me to share your story of Sophia.

Again, if you would like to donate to Brooke’s challenge, please click on the link below:


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