Newborn Photographer Hampshire explores reality of your baby’s arrival….

Does Dreaming of Your Baby’s Arrival Match the Reality?

Newborn Photographer Hampshire explores reality of your baby’s arrival….It’s National Cat Day today (29th August 2021) and I thought I would share my experience of getting Richard, my gorgeous kitten.  I had been waiting quite a few weeks for him to be ready to come home so in the meanwhile, I had dreamed of creating a little photography session for him.  I thought that kittens must just be like babies.  They sleep a lot.  Richard arrived on the Saturday and I thought I would take his kitten photos at the studio on the Sunday.  However, Richard had other ideas.  For the first few days, he didn’t even come out from behind the sofa.  After trying to take photographs at home, he was more interested in coming up to the camera rather than sitting still.  Oh well, not the business venture I had hoped! We did manage a play photo shoot and thought I would share these photographs with you.

Dreams of your newborn

So, I guess it might be the same for new mums; awaiting the arrival of their newborn baby.  They dream of how they are going to be super-organised and have a plan of how they will take care of day to day living.  I’m sure quite a few of you mums will agree that how you thought your first few weeks would go, was actually totally different in reality.

I often get referred to as the ‘baby whisperer’ when posing my gorgeous newborn baby visitors at my lovely newborn photography studio at Cams Hall.  I only have their little ones for a short period, so it’s quite easy to wow new mummies with my soothing techniques.   Their baby has their own agenda and will often keep mums and dads up at night.  I quite often see sleep-deprived parents in the studio.  Quite often, parents will take home my settling techniques and try them at home.  One of the simplest and most effective settling techniques in my studio is definitely the hairdryer.

Maternal instincts

I’m often amazed with new mums how their natural maternal instincts kick in and everything comes naturally.  I know for some mums that isn’t the case, but the mums I see in the studio generally have got it worked out in the early days, until their little one changes their routine and it soon becomes another learning curve.

I know with Richard I love him snuggled up on my lap; I’m sure that’s the case with your newborn baby too.  I often say to parents that I bet they could just cuddle their newborn for hours.  It’s like a lightbulb moment when reality kicks in and mum and dad realise that this their treasured little one.  I’m sure that lightbulb moment happens when their baby is handed to mum when it’s first born.

It’s certainly quite natural for new parents to feel so protective of their little newborn.  Parents often share with me that there is no love like it than having your own baby.

Getting ready

Before COVID, I used to take newborn photographs with little ones when they were totally naked. It was always quite risky as quite often my little visitors would have a wee or poo accident.  Since COVID, I’ve introduced a studio romper where I’ll gently wrap their baby, unless parents specifically ask for naked photographs.  So, believe me, I know that babies do wee and poo quite a lot, so make sure you’re prepared for the number of nappies you will get through.

Going back to my new member of the family.  Richard has been far more behaved than I ever thought he would be.  He’s quite timid, so he hasn’t explored the house too much.  I expected him to be running up and down the curtains, but he’s been amazing.  It’s great to get to know his little character like I’m sure you’re getting to know your newborn baby.

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