Newborn photographer Hampshire finds an awesome ideal customer

The Ideal Customer

Newborn photographer Hampshire finds the ideal customer…..Running my lovely newborn photography business in Fareham is more than just taking photographs.  In fact, just a small part of my business is actually taking the photographs.  However, taking the photographs and creating beautiful images is what I absolutely love the most about my job.  Parents absolutely love the experience of watching their newborn baby being photographed and then quite often cry a few happy tears when I show them the slideshow of their baby’s photographs.

I would say that the second part of my job that I love is marketing.  It’s been said that a lot of creatives aren’t organised; I think I kind of break that theory.  I love planning my monthly marketing activities.  I research themed days which helps give inspiration for my website and social media posts.  You might have seen my post last month on National Friends Day (8th). https://newbornphotographybyjennifer.co.uk/newborn-photographer-fareham-celebrating-beautiful-friendships/

Forever Friendship

When you find your best friend, you click instantly and then your relationship builds.  And like Charlie and me, the years go by and you remain so close, even if not close in distance.  Charley is living in the US.  Friends come into your life for a reason, a season or a forever!

In the world of marketing your business, they often refer to an ‘ideal client’.  In other words, someone or a category of person to whom you aim your marketing.  I would relate this to finding a friend and finding a client that you connect with.  For me, my ideal client is a friend who loves what I create, values my skill as a newborn photographer, and relates to me as a person.


I like to refer to my ‘ideal client’ as Jennifer’s mummy friends!  Alexandra is definitely a Jennifer’s mummy friend.  I first got to know Alexandra when she came for her maternity photographs.  Alexandra was expecting her third baby and had never had maternity photographs taken when she was pregnant with Archer and Nola.  You don’t always feel your best when you’re pregnant, so having a maternity photography session can make you feel beautiful; especially wearing one of my beautiful maternity gowns (see my blog post on how your maternity session can make you feel beautiful).

“Prior to the maternity session I was incredibly nervous.  Having photos of myself whether professional or otherwise is not something I enjoy and it’s not something I generally get pleasure out of.  I was so nervous about feeling vulnerable and exposed during the shoot but as soon as I arrived Jennifer made me feel so relaxed.  She put me at ease immediately and empowered me to feel good about myself and my new pregnant body.  I felt beautiful trying on the dresses which were out of this world.  As soon as we started shooting all my previous anxieties went away.  Seeing the photographs, I couldn’t believe it.  I was so happy and so glad I went through with having the photos.  I know I will treasure these forever.  I haven’t got any printed yet but plan to.” 

Alexandra and I had some initial email exchanges on prices for both the maternity session and the newborn session.  Alexandra shared that she had a limited budget.  I was honest and upfront, and shared what I could provide for her within her budget.  Like most of the enquiries I receive, usually the first question is about price.  I get that purchasing newborn photographs is a luxury purchase, but no one wants to regret not capturing beautiful newborn photographs of their little one. 

A Winning Friendship

As Alexandra got to know me and viewed my work on social media, I think she saw the value in which she was investing.  I have functionality on my website for Spin to Win and Alexandra won a 20” canvas.  As Alexandra didn’t think the canvas was for her, we were able to exchange the canvas for some digital images.

“Originally I had a budget of around £100.  As I am sure most mums are aware, pregnancy and maternity leave can be an expensive time and I was reluctant to spend too much.  However, when I saw the photos I just knew I was going to regret it if I didn’t spend more and get all the memories I wanted.  Jennifer is an incredible artist and photographer and really produced the most beautiful pieces of art that are going to provide me a lifetime of happiness.  Babies really are only newborn for a very short period of time and these photos capture in a way I’ve never seen before this magical time that passes so fast.  I feel so comforted and reassured knowing that I have these memories to last forever and take me back to this magical time as he grows.  When you see the photos, you’ll realise how hard it is to choose just a few.  I could easily have chosen many more than I even did. I’ve had photos of my other children done before and none of them compare to what Jennifer takes.”

I loved taking Alexandra’s maternity photographs.  For me, it felt like I was hanging out with a friend and taking her photographs.  Alexandra looked amazing in my studio baby white maternity gown.  She bought her own crown of flowers which she gifted to me after the shoot.  I loved it and used it since in another maternity shoot and a newborn photo session.

Meeting Barnaby

After Alexandra’s maternity shoot, we kept in regular contact, and I was delighted when she told me that Barnaby had been born.  I like to keep in regular contact, so mummies know what to expect from the newborn experience and send them little gifts along the way too!

“Jennifer’s communication is second to none.  She’s professional, efficient and friendly.  Before I even met Jennifer at the maternity shoot I felt like we knew each other.  We also chatted between the maternity shoot and newborn shoot and developed more than just a professional relationship.  Jennifer was one of the first people I let know about the arrival of Barnaby.  And our friendship just grew from there.  I am sure anyone who has worked with Jennifer will agree that she is so friendly, kind and warm and so easy to get on with.  Which made me want her to do my newborn photos even more, I completely trusted her with this process.”

Alexandra wanted photographs of Archer, Nola and Barnaby.  Rather than take Archer and Nola out of school/nursery, we went ahead with Barnaby’s photo session during the week and booked a mini photo session as part of the viewing session to capture the siblings together.  Archer and Nola were lovely, especially when they thought Cams Hall was my house!

“The newborn experience was emotional, beautiful, fun, exciting and above all a memory that will last a lifetime.  Jennifer is a photographer and baby whisperer all in one.  She settled Barnaby when he had wind and managed to put him into the deepest sleep with such ease which allowed her to take the most beautiful photos.  She made it look easy which I absolutely know it is not.  Her studio is beautiful and relaxing and I must admit my husband and I liked sitting down with a coffee and biscuits whilst she did her work.  It really isn’t just the photos that are magical, the whole experience of watching your baby have their photos in all the cutest outfits and props was so special too.  I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone wanting a newborn shoot.”

I love children and feel I have a natural ability to connect with children.  This helps to make them feel comfortable and get the best sibling photographs I can.  Archer and Nola are so gorgeous, and they’re a great big brother and sister to Barnaby.  I think Nola will be a second mother and Barnaby certainly won’t be short of lots of kisses. 

Archer and Nola

In lockdown, I’ve knitted so many rompers and some I no longer use, so I gifted Archer and Nola with a romper for their teddies.  It was so lovely to get a photo of their toys wearing my rompers.

“Archer and Nola loved coming to the studio.  At first they thought Cams Hall was Jennifer’s house which was funny.  They loved the biscuits, and of course Jennifer once again proved herself as the most wonderful kind person that puts anyone at ease.  She’s patient with the children, she made the photo shoot fun for the older children and at the end of the shoot she so kindly gave them both a little baby outfit for their teddies at home.  Their teddies are still wearing these outfits now!  They still talk about Jennifer and how kind she was.  In fact, Nola was asking when we can go back for another photo shoot.  Children love Jennifer!!” 

During Barnaby’s newborn session, he was a star.  He slept through the photo session, even after moving into different baskets and on the posing beanbag.  I just love his photographs.

“Seeing Barnaby’s photos was so emotional.  Even by the time of the viewing he had grown so much!  Which made me even more thankful I had been to the shoot and had the photos done to remember those special early days.  Jennifer made Barnaby look like the gorgeous little bundle he is and I still look at the photos she did on a daily basis.  I am planning on getting some printed soon.  The whole viewing experience was really lovely too.  My mum and kids came along, the older children loved seeing the photos of their little brother in all the cute outfits.”

My Journey

For me, having a Jennifer’s mummy friend means I can share with them my own personal journey of IVF and adoption.  I can share my journey that I went through on an emotional rollercoaster of not having children, the excitement of adopting, and then going on to build a successful business.  There have been times that I have been judged by others for having the success in life I have.  What I am glad about is that Jennifer’s mummy friends can see that I am a genuine kind person.  I value the work that I do, the years of working hard to achieve my success, but most importantly, giving the best newborn photography experience I can.

“Jennifer has a talent which is second to none. But above all, she is one of the most kind, warm and lovely people I have ever met.  She is a special soul and you feel that as soon as you meet her.  I cannot wait to have more photos done by Jennifer and to meet her again soon.”

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