Newborn photographer Hampshire helping you chose your newborn photography style

Newborn photographer Hampshire helping you chose your newborn photography style……As a specialist newborn photographer, I love creating a magical experience that mummies and daddies will love and always treasure.  It’s a special time when parents sit back in my warm studio at Cams Hall and feel proud as their little bundle of joy has their first official photographs taken.  I’ve been a newborn photographer for over five years now and have adapted my style of newborn photography to keep in line with lots of different styles and trends in newborn photography.  When I first opened my newborn photography studio, the majority of photographs were with baby naked; and there were certainly quite a few little accidents.

At that time, I noticed a lot of the award-winning newborn photographers were wrapping babies.  I had tried to wrap babies a couple of times with no success, so I’d decided on taking a wrapping course.  I now wrap babies all of the time during their photoshoots and wonder why I found it so difficult in those early days.  And most definitely, combining wrapping, rompers and naked photographs gives my clients lots of choice on the style of photographs they would like to choose in order to capture special treasured memories of their gorgeous little one.

Some of you may remember that at the start of lockdown, I started knitting my own newborn outfits to use in the studio.  I stopped for a while as my kitten Richard enjoyed playing with the yarn too much; however now he’s calmed down a little I’m back knitting.

A Loving Wrap

When I start the newborn session with your little one, I will dress your newborn baby in a romper and then wrap over the top.  This allows me to gently remove the wrap and take romper photographs with your baby still asleep.  The heart basket is, without doubt, one of my favourite props that I use with my clients.  It really does create amazing wall art.

Even a shopping basket I bought from a local shop called Lulu in Stubbington creates an amazing prop – and adding your little one’s favourite toy creates a very special personalised photograph.  By adding your baby’s favourite toy, it shows just how tiny your newborn baby truly was as they grow up.  You can’t get those first two weeks back when you have a small window to capture your newborn baby.

In my newborn studio in Cams Hall, I have two areas where I can take photographs.  I have studio lights set up in both areas so there is no need to move the lights.  One area of the studio is where I take the basket newborn photographs that you see above and also the family photographs. 

The Perfect Model

Then I move the baby to my beanbag posing area.  The head on hands pose is probably one of the favourites for clients – and mine too!  Parents feel so proud when they see their newborn posing.  I often get asked “how did you do that”.

With your baby still fast asleep, I gently turn your little one over on the beanbag…

Before the newborn session, I always check with parents if they would like naked photographs taken of their baby.  Naked photographs create timeless once in a lifetime images.  I especially love black and white photographs with the baby in daddy’s hands.

As a newborn photographer, I feel the newborn photography experience is so special, and I truly believe that giving parents the choice of the style of images they like is so important. 

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