Newborn Photographer Hampshire share baby love story….

Baby Love Stories… Meeting Baby Everleigh

Newborn Photographer Hampshire share baby love story…. I get to meet so many lovely mums and dads at my newborn photography studio at Cams Hall that so clearly have an instant love for their gorgeous little newborn.  From the moment they hold their newborn baby in their arms, there is an immediate bond.  I often hear parents say that there is just no other feeling like it.  The love is often referred to as unconditional love. I asked Sian, Everleigh’s mum, to share with me her treasured baby love story.

Sian’s words on Everleigh

“Truthfully there are no words for the amount of love I have for her, I just cherish her daily. 

Her unique character is so special.  She has the cutest little smile that is contagious to everyone that meets her, the widest eyes that make the world glisten within them.  One look and you instantly fall in love with her. Everleigh is now starting to find her voice her little goos and gaas make a whole story, while she wraps her little hand round your finger, no matter who you are.

I never thought anyone could change my life the way she has, I never thought my life could get better.  Before COVID, I had the most amazing job as a flight attendant.  I was being paid to travel the world and explore new places, who could think life could get better than that?  Then we went into lockdown and I lost that job, but lockdown made me so close to my family and my partner’s family, I didn’t mind!  Then a week before Christmas, we received the best Christmas present of finding out we were pregnant.  The whole journey was amazing, I was so lucky throughout my pregnancy.”

Meeting Everleigh

“The moment my little girl got placed on my chest when she was born was surreal, I couldn’t believe she was finally in my arms and every second has made life better.  She is so content with everything she does, we have certainly been the lucky ones.

I knew when I found out I was pregnant I wanted to get newborn photographs done.  I found Jennifer on Facebook and looked at her gallery and I knew that was who I wanted to capture my little girl.  It just so happened Jennifer was holding a competition when I found her page, so like anyone would, I entered and was lucky enough to win.  Jennifer was quick to book me in for the time around when Everleigh was due and kept in contact with me throughout my pregnancy. “

Everleigh’s visit to the studio

“On the day of the photography session, I was a bit nervous that Everleigh might not be settled as I think any parent would.  Although she was awake when we first went in, Jennifer took her and got her off to sleep before starting the session.  We were able to just sit, relax and enjoy a moment while Jennifer took the photos.  We had a 2-hour session booked for the photos, but we were only in for 40 minutes, Jennifer said it was because Everleigh was easy, a star model, but I think Jennifer was the true reason!  

Jennifer has the most calming and lovely personality, I couldn’t have been more amazed of finding someone like her to take our photographs.  The results are amazing and we will certainly be returning to Jennifer if we have another child in the future.”

This is such a lovely story that I just had to share on my website.

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