Newborn Photographer Hampshire shares Awesome Mummies’ c-section stories

Newborn Photographer Hampshire Shares Mummies’ C-section Stories…Being pregnant is such an exciting and special time in your life.  It can also be a little scary too.  When things don’t always go plan, some mummies have to have a Caesarean section – which can be very worrying, whether planned or an emergency.

As a newborn photographer, I asked a few mummies to share their C-section stories.

Tiana’s Experience

Tiana shared that she had an emergency C-section at 35 weeks.  Although it was a scary moment when she got checked out by the midwife, when the doctor was called, he congratulated them that they were going to be parents that day.  So it was scary, but exciting all at the same time.  Tiana was then prepared for surgery.  While everyone in the room made every effort to make Tiana feel relaxed, she was panicking.  Within 10 minutes, their little boy was born on Friday 13th April at 22:44, and with only a brief look at her baby, he was taken away to be resuscitated.  The especially scary part for her was that she didn’t get to meet her little boy until he was 17-18 hours old. 

For her second pregnancy, Tiana had a planned C-section.  As a complete contrast, her planned C-section was far more relaxed.  She was monitored throughout her pregnancy.  She had to be in hospital at 7am, and she told me how it was very nice to have 80’s music playing.  It was a much more relaxed atmosphere and they took their time.

From Tiana’s perspective, the C-section saved her little one’s life.  Although the downside is after the C-section, you can’t do a lot and have to rely on a lot of people around you to help. 

Tiana’s one piece of advice to mummies would be to try and stay calm.  I think what Tiana’s story shows me is that no matter how scary the situation appeared, there were expert midwifes, doctors and nurses to take the best care of her and her little boy.

Meeting Helen

For Helen, her waters broke in the middle of the night, but with no sign of her baby coming, she was invited in to be induced.  With her baby not getting any relief between contractions and a dropping heartbeat, the doctor advised an emergency C-section.  Helen shared that there was a sickening silence as the doctor and nurse gave him rescue breaths and then he cried, and Helen did too.  What a very special moment to hear your baby’s first cry.

Although like many mummies, Helen had visions of having a natural birth, but it wasn’t meant to be.  Having a C-section has meant that she has been able to share precious time with her happy, cheeky son.  She shared with me that her recovery from the C-section was hard, but it was worth it, as her baby was brought safely into the world.

Like Tiana, Helen shares that you put your trust in doctors and try not to stress about relying on others while you recover from your C-section. “Take the medicines, ask for help from the nurses and from family and don’t be afraid to say, I need rest”.

Introducing Lisa

Lisa had an emergency C-section the day before her baby was due.  She felt that her baby had reduced movements so went to get checked out.  And with her baby’s heartbeat dropping, midwives recommended an emergency C-section.  I’m sure Tiana and Helen would agree with Lisa, that everything happens so fast and their main concerns are for their baby to be safe.  Lisa also suffered with a lot of pain after her C-section and recommends that new mummies that have had a C-section definitely need someone to help as it is hard to bend. 

Thank you Tiana, Helen and Lisa for sharing your stories.  I think for me, the key messages that come out from their stories, is that although it can be a scary experience, you do need to put trust in the expertise of the midwives, doctors and nurses and not be afraid to ask for help when you are recovering from your C-section.

All babies are certainly special, and I’m sure that these mummies are truly proud of their little ones.  As a specialist newborn photographer, I am so lucky to take photos of my visiting families with their newborns in their first couple of weeks.  If you’re expecting, I would love to welcome you to my lovely newborn photography studio at Cams Hall.

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