Newborn Photographer Hampshire Shares Baby Love Stories

Being a newborn baby photographer Hampshire, I am so very lucky to get to meet lots of amazing families as they trust me to capture precious memories of their gorgeous newborn babies.  I have quite a few families now that have become studio friends, and I have the pleasure not only capturing their newborn, but then future brothers and sisters too.  It’s always special for me to welcome a family back to my lovely newborn photography studio at Cams Hall when their second, or even third baby is born.

Meeting Ezra and Evie

I was delighted when Ellie contacted me a few months ago to let me know she was pregnant with Ezra’s little sister.  I first met Emily back in August 2019 when Emily and Matt brought Ezra to the studio.  Emily had first contacted me when I asked for newborn models to create some portfolio images; and what an amazing model Ezra truly was.

It was so lovely to hear from Ellie that Evie had been born.  She was born nine weeks early and had to spend a little time in hospital.  She was just over a month old when she came to the studio but still tiny.  Like her big brother, she really was an amazing model.  I absolutely loved seeing Ezra again, all grown up and being so gentle with his little sister.

I asked Ezra and Evie’s mummy to share her baby love story…

I asked Ellie about the experience of having Ezra’s photographs taken in 2019.  “It was great having Ezra’s photographs done.  It was a really nice time out for us with drinks and biscuits while someone else capably had our baby!  It was so lovely seeing all the precious photos too.  We have one proudly above our dinner table which we love to look at daily.  The photos are invaluable really because Ezra will never be that tiny again.”

Can’t have one without the other

When parents have their firstborn newborn photographs, it’s virtually impossible for them to not have the same experience for their next baby.  I asked Ellie’s thoughts on this, “It really was important; you can’t have one without the other!  Plus, it was such a great experience and the photos were brilliant, so we wouldn’t have gone elsewhere.“

It has been a difficult time for everyone over the last two years, but especially being a new mum and bringing up little ones.  Ellie shared with me, “Covid has been super tough to begin with.  When we were in lockdown and it was just Ezra and I all day every day, I really struggled mentally.  I also think Ezra lost a lot of confidence too.  Recently it’s been okay, it’s becoming the new normal really!  But Evie couldn’t have any visitors in hospital, which meant no one met her until she was six weeks old.”

I asked Ellie what Evie’s photographs means to her, “It’s extremely precious to have these photographs of Evie.  It’s so special to remind us of her as a baby but also to remind us of how far she’s come.  She was so tiny and poorly when she was born, and these photos just show her looking strong, beautiful and healthy. “

Siblings very welcome

Bringing along a sibling to your newborn photography experience can be difficult sometimes and parents might worry that they won’t be able to totally enjoy the experience.  However, when parents have already been to the studio, I know that they’ll have total confidence that I will take care of their newborn baby; enabling them to entertain the sibling.  Having upgraded my studio in size, there is plenty of space for little brothers and sisters to play and explore.  I wondered what Ellie’s thoughts were, “It was the same wonderful experience with Evie, but I was a lot more with it.  It was better really, because it was so lovely with Ezra too, he was really well behaved and it was amazing seeing him pose so gently as lovingly with Evie.“

Ellie, Matt, Ezra and Evie will always be a very special family to me.  I’m not sure there will be a third child, however I can hope!  Either way, I’m sure Ellie and Matt will want to have special memories of their children, and I really hope to see them again in the near future.

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