Newborn Photographer Hampshire shares Henry & Ben’s awesome baby love story…

Newborn Photographer Hampshire shares Henry & Ben’s awesome baby love story…

Little Henry and Ben’s mummy had planned to come to the studio for her maternity session at the start of 2020 but then covid hit us all, so we missed the opportunity to capture some beautiful maternity photographs. 

It was certainly a strange time for all of us.  I guess for Henry and Ben’s mum and dad, working in the hospital it was more of a reality.   Alan was working on the front line in A&E dealing with covid cases and having a newborn baby must have been such a scary time. The whole covid situation just seemed so unbelievable; who would have thought that we would be asked to say at home, not see our family and even queue up at the supermarket.

I asked Liping how did she feel about being pregnant in 2020 with the uncertainty of covid, especially with working in a hospital.  “Initially work was very anxiety inducing as there was so much uncertainty around covid. No one knew much about it or what they were doing. Frontline medical staff were dying which brought it all too close to home. Because I was over 28 weeks pregnant by then, I stopped patient facing work in hospital as per government guidance. However, Alan was still working in ICU and therefore seeing the sickest covid patients in the hospital, and potentially bringing the virus home with him, so the anxiety continued. There was also the guilt of shielding at home when my friends and colleagues were having to work in this challenging new environment.  It was disappointing to miss out on a maternity session but it couldn’t be helped “

I had made a decision to close my studio just before Boris announced the lockdown.  I just wanted to keep the little newborn babies safe.  Around June time, we were allowed to meet another household outdoors.  The weather was amazing that year so was able to take newborn photographs in the alcoves of the Cams building.  It wasn’t ideal but at least was able to capture some precious memories for mums and dads.  Henry was almost 6 weeks old when we took his photographs. 

I asked Liping how she felt about these photographs I took “I was so grateful to be able to get some pictures of him as a newborn that weren’t just taken by me on my iPhone!  Even though they weren’t the classic newborn photoshoot pictures, they were our unique set of pictures with its own story.”

I was delighted to hear from Liping, Henry & Ben’s mummy that she was pregnant with her second baby.  A little early for a maternity photography session, but after missing out last time on a maternity session, we didn’t want to miss this opportunity.   Liping, Alan and Henry came to the studio in July this year for their maternity session.  It was so lovely to see Henry and how much he had grown.  Little Henry was a star model.  I’ve shared some of my favourites photographs below.

I asked Liping about her maternity photo experience “I loved that maternity session! My bump wasn’t very big as I was still only midway through my pregnancy, but I didn’t want to risk having to cancel the session due to another lockdown. Henry was a delight during that photo shoot, and it was lovely to capture the last few months as a family of 3.”

I got to meet little Ben for his newborn photography session last month.  He was a star model.  I think little Henry had lost he love for having his photograph taken.  We did manage to capture some of him playing with the wooden bricks. 

I asked Liping how she felt about the newborn session with Ben “I couldn’t help but compare the newborn sessions between the 2 boys. Henry was a very unsettled baby, it was outdoors, and Alan and I did most of the positioning due to social distancing, so it was a slightly stressful shoot. Ben on the other hand was so much more relaxed, it was indoors, and he was younger at the time too which meant that he slept more and was easier to manage. It was so interesting to watch Jennifer place him in so many cute positions – I think we will have a very difficult time choosing our favourite pictures!”

I’m looking forward to seeing Liping, Alan, Henry and Ben in 6-9 months time when I can capture some more gorgeous photographs.  As the last 18 months has shown, it will be here before we know it.

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