Newborn Photographer Hampshire Shares Her Exciting Bucket List

Newborn Photographer Hampshire Shares Her Bucket List

I’m sure that lockdown has changed how a lot of us have felt about life overall and the things we want to do going forward.  Such as, for example, when I was a wedding photographer, I knew that there would come a day when I would no longer be a wedding photographer.  Then I discovered the joy of newborn photography!  In fact, if I had written down my ‘bucket list’ many years ago, newborn photography was never one of my life goals.  It’s funny how things come our way that change our direction in life.

Whether we have a life goal that we dream of on our bucket list or whether it’s an event that appears through fate, it’s about achieving a goal and giving ourselves a collection of memories. And certainly, being a newborn photographer, I love capturing special memories of all of my littlest visitors and their families in photographs.  Memories that they’ll be able to treasure for many years to come.

Making Dreams Come True

I dreamt of being a full-time professional photographer and I am so fortunate to have achieved my dream.  I love being a newborn photographer and capturing beautiful newborn photographs at my lovely newborn photography studio at Cams Hall.  Now in my 50s, on my bucket list would definitely be to retire at 60!  It still gives me quite a few years to do what I love too.

One thing I really missed in lockdown was planning holidays and going on holiday.  Maybe in 2022, we’ll be able to travel more freely.  I’d love to buy a little holiday home in Brittany, France.  Of course, my cat Richard would have to travel too.  Isn’t our bucket list our wish list for our life’s journey?

My Welcome Packs

When a mum books their special newborn photography session with me, they are sent a welcome pack in the post, followed by my baby born pack in the post.  As part of both of these packs, they get given a pen and a card for them to capture their ‘Wishes for my Baby’. 

I’m sure every mum has lots of good wishes for their baby’s journey in life.  It might be difficult to imagine their baby’s future when, as a new parent, it’s about getting through each day at a time and enjoying the experiences of being a new parent and celebrating each stage of their baby’s development.

Dreaming Big

I recently took photographs for little Arabella whose dad is a professional footballer.  He would love for his little girl to become a professional footballer.  Perhaps her dad’s love of football will be in her blood too?  And certainly, whether it’s baby wishes or bucket lists, it’s about dreaming big and loving our life.

So, what would be your wishes on your bucket list for your baby?

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