Newborn Photographer Hampshire Shares the Importance of Creating an Amazing Newborn Photography Experience

Newborn Photographer Hampshire Shares the Importance of Creating an Amazing Newborn Photography Experience…..My newborn photographer friend Jane, based in Wimbledon, came to visit me at my lovely newborn photography studio in Fareham.  I met Jane back in 2016, when she joined me to help take photos as what’s called a ‘second shooter’ at Claire and Gary’s beautiful wedding at Barnett Hall in Guildford.  I just loved taking their wedding photographs, but loving being a newborn photographer so much, I don’t miss taking wedding photographs anymore.  I was making the transition from being a wedding photographer to a newborn baby photographer and I took Jane’s maternity photographs, and then her little girl’s newborn photographs.  It’s hard to believe that her little girl is now in school.  You might have seen the video Jane posted of our chat about being a newborn photographer.

Discovering the newborn experience

We discussed where newborn photography prices come from.  Our treasured clients, new mums, may never have experienced a magical newborn session, or have no idea of how it works – let alone how much a newborn photography session would cost.  It might be an initial shock when they see the prices, but I can honestly say that once parents have experienced the newborn session and made an investment into creating precious memories of their newborn, they don’t regret it.

I know for sure that when parents understand the value of the newborn photography experience and the quality of the photographs, and the beautiful products that they receive, they are so overwhelmed with the love they feel for their little bundle of joy.  Their little one will grow so fast, and I know that they will soon forget just how tiny their gorgeous baby was within the first two weeks.

A niche field

Newborn photography is truly a niche market and a specialist newborn photographer will have invested a considerable amount of money in their training.  A skilled newborn photographer has been trained in how to handle, and very importantly, settle your little one and pose them safely in the positions you see as part of my portfolio.  This specialist skill is on top of being a skilled photographer who has experience in understanding photography, composition and posing.  Not all professional photographers have the qualities required to be a baby photographer. 

As an experienced newborn photographer, I will have a posing order to ensure your little one settles from the start and then as I move between poses, your baby is kept settled and hopefully doesn’t wake up. 

I absolutely love providing an amazing newborn experience which I know will stay with mums and dads forever.  However, it is beautiful photographs; wall art and digital images that will be treasured forever, not just by mums and dads, but they truly become an heirloom that their baby can share with his/her family when they’re all grown up too.

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