Newborn photographer in Hampshire shares awesome National Swap Ideas Day

National Swap Ideas Month

As a newborn photographer in Hampshire, taking the photographs is only a small part of the role of a newborn photographer.  Of course, it is the best bit about being a newborn photographer; getting to cuddle a gorgeous little newborn baby and take their wonderful newborn photographs.

There are so many other ‘job role hats’ I have in running a newborn photography business which truly aims to give my visiting mums and dads with a wonderful newborn photography experience.  One of the biggest ‘hats’ I have, is being a marketer of my own business.  Before the start of each month, I will sit down and plan my marketing activities for the month.

National Days

I make sure I look up all the ‘National Days’ with which I can connect a marketing activity.  The  4th September was National Wildlife Day so I chose to share facebook images of little Cody with the red panda toy that I bought from a recent visit to the wildlife park in Cornwall.

September brings the start of autumn, back to school and 100 days to Christmas.  And in fact, I shared with you some of my marketing activities for September in my recent autumn post.

My inspiration for this particular post is National Swap Ideas day on the 10th September.   Sharing or swapping ideas gives me a light bulb moment to take that idea and make it into something I can use for my own business.  For National Swap Ideas day, it gave me inspiration to share with you how other newborn photographers support each other. 

The Importance of Friends

I have a good friend who is also a newborn photographer.  We actually met because we are newborn photographers and then became friends.  We both have the same goal for our business to create the best newborn experience for our clients and provide them with special memories and photographic products that they will treasure forever.  Some photographers can be quite guarded by what they share; but I believe that if we can help each other out and share what works for our clients, it can only be a good thing.

Quite often new parents that come to the studio will pick up on soothing and settling techniques that I use to calm their baby of the newborn shoot.  I love that I can share these with new parents which they can then use at home.  One of the best ideas that parents find, is the use of the hairdryer.  It’s white noise for the baby and I’m sure the warmth from the hairdryer makes them sleepy.  Here’s a funny story for you.  I bumped into the guy who has the room next to me in Cams Hall and I asked him whether the music I play for the slideshow is too loud.  He said he doesn’t hear it but said he did wonder why I had the hairdryer on so often!  Was she really doing her hair again?

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