Newborn Photography by Jennifer… it’s all in the Name

Newborn Photography by Jennifer… it’s all in the Name

Someone once asked me if I made up my name for my business.  I must admit that I do like my name, you don’t hear of too many Jennifers around.  My parents were inspired to choose the name Jennifer as there was a song in the 60s called Jennifer, Juniper by a guy called Donovan.  It makes me smile when I hear that song.  Sinclair was my married name which I kept when I got divorced.  When I was trying to become pregnant, I can remember choosing baby names even before I became pregnant, which sadly never happened.  I’d chosen the names Chloe and Matthew.  After my failed IVF attempt, I got a kitten and called her Chloe.  A few years later I had another cat and called him Billy.  Billy just suited his character. 

It can certainly be a daunting job to choose your baby’s name.  Perhaps you’ve always known what name you would give your baby.  It’s funny how some of us struggle to find names whilst for others it is so clear.  Another particular challenge is when parents cannot agree on a name.  There are so many website links and books to buy on baby’s names to give you even more ideas. 

When chatting to my visiting parents that come to my lovely newborn photography studio at Cams Hall, some have considered names that cannot be shortened easily.  Some tell me how they considered how their child’s name could be shortened by their friends, as it’s most likely to be shortened.  Although my ‘official’ name is Jennifer, I get called Jen by close friends and family.  My partner is called Matthew and he gets called Matt or Matty by his friends.  When I know someone by their full name, I rarely will shorten it.  My nephew is called Christopher, and although all his friends and family call him Chris, he’s still Christopher to me.

I came across the link the other day on the most searched names of 2020 that will be trending in 2021.  I will have to see how many babies with these names come to my studio in 2021.  I noticed that Isla is high on the list and I definitely had quite a few little girls called Isla come to the studio in 2020.  And for the boys, I had quite a few Theodores that came to meet me too.

Here are some of the boys’ names of babies that came to my studio this year.

My three favourite names are Grayson, Benjamin and Quinn – what are your three favourites?

Denny / Noah / Grayson / Diego / Theo / Edward / Nathaniel / Hugo / Fiadh / Ruardihi / Freddie/ Levi / Jaxson / Alba / Leo / Hari / Harry / Riley / Alexander / Jaidon / Jenson / Miles / Benjamin / Charlie / Luke / William / Ruben / Reggie / Ferdi / Miller / George / Joel / Artem / Christopher / Ronnie / Henry / Oliver / Kobe / Eddie / Finlay / Luca / Quinn / Teddy / Oscar / Enzo

Here are some of the girls’ names of babies that came to my studio this year.  My three favourite names are Ocean-Mae, Maggie May and Adalena – what are your three favourites?

Quite a few of them are on the Top UK Baby Names for 2020.

Poppy / Amelia / Isla / Mia / Zara / Eleanor / Maddie / Evelyn / Gwen / Adalyn / Olivia / Freya / Honor / Meadow / Ella / Daisy / Ellie / Isabelle / Ocean-Mae / Katie / Chloe / Yasmin / Nyla / Frankie / Cassidy / Indi / Penelope / Olive / Iris /Ella / Nelly Rose / Dolly / Gianna / Hallie / Aitanna / Yvette / Ava Rose / Autumn / Sehaj / Eliza / Matilda / Aoife / Charlotte / Ivy-Gerogia / Raeva / Grace / Jocelyn / Adalena / Orelia / Remi & Reagan / Penny Rose / Ayesha / Narla / Billie / Sienna / Peaches / Aria / Naomi / Ila / Iyla / Hattie / Kasey / Maggie May/ Eleanor / Priah

I think that a name should complement the baby’s surname.  I really love it when a parent decides to incorporate a grandparent’s name as the middle name and it gets passed down the generations.

Some of the baby girls that have come to the studio have had some truly pretty and unusual names.  I asked Ocean-Mae’s mummy why she chose the name.

“I chose Ocean-Mae because when I went to visit my family in Australia in 2014, I met one of their friends who had a two-week-old baby girl called Ocean.  Ever since I met her, I said that when I have a baby and it’s a girl I would call her Ocean.  The middle name Mae I chose because my great grandmother was called Maisie but everyone called her May.  I wanted to keep the name going.  I chose to spell it Mae as a lot of people spell it as May.  I just wanted it to be a little different.”

Some mummies and daddies look at the meanings behind a name.  This was definitely the case with Persephone’s mum as to why she chose this name.

“The short answer is that we’re both interested in mythology, and thought Persephone was a pretty name and not likely to be shared with many other babies from the year.  The long answer is: we struggled for quite a while to have a baby.  There was a time shortly before the pregnancy that we had resigned ourselves to the very real possibility that a baby just wasn’t on the cards for us.  Then it happened.  Persephone, the goddess who was snatched away by Hades only to reappear in the spring bringing with her an abundance of blossoms, seemed like an apt name.” 

Choosing one baby name is difficult enough, but being told you are having twins, you need to come up with two names which just go together.  I just loved it when I got to meet the beautiful Mabel and Elsie, it was such a special time.  Such pretty, old-fashioned names.  A couple of years ago, I took gorgeous Billie’s newborn photographs.  Being a girl, her parents wanted it to be a little different, so when they found out they were having twins afterwards, they had to come up with similar names, one for a boy and one for a girl.  They chose the lovely names Jaxson and Frankie.

There is a trend where names are spelt in an unusual way to be a little bit different.  Just like Mae (instead of May) and Jaxson (Jackson).  Here are a couple of interesting links on studies that have been carried out on giving your child a trending name:


I also found this page which talks about the poor children having to learn to spell their names:


So, I wonder which names 2021 will bring to my newborn studio?  Perhaps we’ll carry on the traditional trend, or maybe there might even be links to our current world pandemic?  Whatever name you choose, I can’t wait to see more gorgeous newborns in my studio when I can safely open up again.

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