Newborn photography Fareham and Missouri

Newborn photography Fareham and Missouri – National Missouri Day 4th January

A few months ago I knew very about Missouri, then my best friend moves to Missouri and then I meet little Persephone, whose Dad is also from Missouri.   I challenge my best friend to writing a guest blog about newborn photography in Missouri. 

Like the US, newborn photographer has grown in popularity over the years and most parents in the past would have taken their baby, usually 2-3 months old to a department store; Mothercare did children’s portraits for years.  As Charlie says today’s newborn photography is more of an art.  What also is really important that any newborn photographer is experienced in taking newborn photographs and that the baby’s safety is the most important thing.

“I have been given the mammoth task of finding out about newborn photography where I live in the very middle of the country, USA.  Missouri is full of hills, lakes, and hunters!  There are most likely more animals here than humans.  The hubby and I not long moved here from being in Europe for the past 15 years with the US Military, so this was going to be a big adjustment and a challenging task. 

Born and raised British, proudly, I’ve been living the American life for a few decades now.  The kids grew up in the American curriculum, although overseas in Europe, so a mix of both cultures and mindsets.  Brimerican I call it.  When they were little, I would take them a few times a year to the cheapest photographer for snapshot memories.  Normally this would be with SEARS the department store.  They are good pictures, and I love looking at them.  But times have changed and what I see now is more classic works of art, more than a snapshot.  What I see is an investment that you can forever keep.

So, I set upon my task finding out about the American opinion of newborn photography.  I do not know any new babies here in Missouri, so I reached out to American friends, one who recently gave birth to her third child a few weeks ago.  A little man added to their beautiful family, two gorgeous older sisters.  Lori somehow found the time to respond to the questions and this is what she said:  “I think we prefer digital images because it gives us versatility in what we order or what we can do with them. Especially when you have a big family. It makes it a lot easier to get prints for everyone or send the digital to family to choose how they do it. When I do wall art, I do a family collage, generally it takes a while. For me, I know I want the most photos I can get, quality, different poses/zoomed in and out on digital images. I like to bring in a couple things like blankets or sports teams to add a personal touch. We like to celebrate milestones with photos….like newborn, six months, one year and then yearly after that.”

The takeaway is digital is better – over in this country a lot of people do not live near close family and friends and the digital option is the fastest and easiest way to send to loved ones.  I also love that Lori brings in personal items for the pictures.  Her last comment about celebrating milestones is big over here, and a great opportunity for the photography business.

I reached out to another friend who is expecting her first baby any day now.  I’m so excited for her and her husband who have struggled to get to this point.  She herself does photography as a hobby, as being in Germany (with US Military) she has not set up a studio as such.  She’s also not specifically doing newborns, but she did mention to me that those in America that want to do photography as a business must get a license.  Interesting.   One website I researched said it is important to get a written agreement with the customer in order to protect your business but it will also lead to a satisfied customer since expectations are clearly set up front.  Upon further reading it says to get a lawyer (solicitor) to draft a contract specifically for newborn photography.  I did a Google search, because of course it’s so reliable, but even so I could not find anything about needing a license to be a newborn photographer but it’s a good idea to get certified, makes you more marketable to clients.  One internet search produced the answer that you may need a license in certain jurisdictions.  Either way if anyone was thinking of starting this incredible business in their area it’s best to find out what is needed, legally.

A last friend, who is my friend’s daughter, so a different generation, has a gorgeous baby girl, responded to these questions with saying she prefers a natural look with not too much editing.  She too prefers digital images that way she can print them herself in the style she likes.  They are a fabulous young married couple trying to create a great start in life, whereas my first friend is older with 3 kids.  So, I think sometimes it also depends on age and budget.

Overall, I feel it’s worth the time and money to invest in newborn photography and it seems that both England and America have the same opinion that it’s worth it, and digital together with an album or wall art is the perfect combination.  A lot of people seem to take their own pics, with ‘3 months old’ props/stickers, but a wall art or canvas from a professional photography is priceless and classy!

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