Newborn Photography Fareham celebrates very special early babies

Very Special Early Babies

Newborn Photography Fareham celebrates very special early babies…As many of you know, when someone books in for their very special newborn photography session at Cams Hall, we book a ‘floating date’ for six to 10 days after your due date . And as most of you know, babies rarely come on time.  I find that for the majority of mums with their first baby, the baby tends to be a little late.  However, there are times when babies are on a mission and come sooner than expected!  This can be quite scary for mummies.

Babies that come earlier than expected are called neonatal babies.  Babies that come after 32 gestation are cared for in a special care baby unit (SCBU) and usually need monitoring for their breathing, oxygen and treating low body temperature.  Babies that are born between 28-32 weeks will require a high level of medical attention, and babies that are born under 28 weeks will have neonatal intensive care.  I did a little bit research on the internet, and found out that one in seven babies that are born premature and the biggest hospital for looking after early babies is Guys St Thomas in London.

Introducing New Beginnings

I recently came cross New Beginnings (https://www.facebook.com/New-Beginnings-Selling-Page-110206820560305/), a children’s charity helping to raise funds for the Neonatal Unit here at Southampton’s Princess Anne hospital.  I asked the charity to contribute their thoughts to my blog post.

What inspired you to start the charity?

I had twins at 42 and an easy pregnancy on record until I gave birth.  One twin was 6lb 11oz and the small twin was not quite 2lb and came out in a panic.  He was purple in colour and struggling to breathe, so he went straight to intensive care for the coming weeks for his care and treatment to recover.  We had to wait for him to get up to a 6lb 7lb birth wait so he could finally come home.

We felt that after weeks of care in the Princess Anne hospital, me and my twins’ dad wanted to give back and that’s where the charity was started.

Where do the funds go from the charity?

First was to get a bank account, then to fund raise, and after years of fundraising, we eventually got to the £5000 target so that we could now register as an official charity status. But we have donated along the way to Princess Anne hospital for new medical equipment. 

How do the funds help premature babies?

We try to make life a little easier by these donations and they buy toys, medical equipment, prem clothes, blankets, redecoration of the wards, and parents’ room where some parents stay, printed information flyers, nurses’ station coffee, fridge etc. 

The charity has a couple of events coming up for 2022.  We have an Easter raffle with over 150 donated eggs.  On May 21st, we have a cake/coffee day; open to all people.  Just bring some loose change for a donation for coffee at our office at Unit 28 New Forest Enterprise Centre, Chapel Lane, Totton, Southampton, SO40 9LA.  On October 14th 2022, we have a black tie dinner dance, £45 per ticket.  The event is being held at Chilworth Manor, Southampton, where there’ll be a three-course dinner, dancing, games and a raffle. 

What are your goals and ambitions for the charity?

It would be a dream come true to get a celebrity on board.  We’d also love to be the biggest recycling charity (we recycle milk bottle tops, stamps, ink cartridges – which particularly raise us more money.  We’d also like to arrange more bigger events.  Another goal is some sort of recognition for us – my dream is to raise £3,000,000. 

For me as a newborn photographer, it is so special to capture beautiful newborn images and especially when parents have been on an emotional rollercoaster to achieve their dreams of being parents.  Parents only get one chance to capture their newborn baby within the first two weeks, I would love to hear from you if you are interested in a newborn photography session, or a fine art children’s portrait.

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