Newborn photography in Fareham….being a first time mummy in lockdown

At the start of your pregnancy, I bet you could never have imagined the first year of your baby’s life would be so different to what you expected. How did those early day in lockdown make you feel?

I could never have imagined the first year of baby’s life being full of lockdowns, he is a year old and still hasn’t met some family members! Alfred was born early hours of the 2nd full day of the 1st lockdown – whilst we were in hospital I was in such a bubble with him I didn’t really know what was going on outside but once settled at home I was so sad that my closest family and friends couldn’t come round. We FaceTime’d a lot but it wasn’t the same, I just wish that you could have had a support bubble back then! The plus side was that my husband was furloughed and so we were very lucky to have the first few months together as a family at home! 

Alfred was born just after lockdown started on 23rd March, how were the hospital appointments and labour in lockdown? Did you partner miss out on things?

Thankfully My husband didn’t have to miss any appointments etc. We were in hospital being monitored and on 23rd March and left at 8pm when Boris announced lockdown, we were back in the hospital at 8.30am on 24th for an induction – because it was right at the beginning of lockdown no masks needing wearing, but obviously my husband could be my only birth partner and visitor.When we left the hospital there was no normal feeding support groups, health visitor visits etc, but the midwife did come check on us, but when we took Alfred to the midwives on day 5 for the check up and heel prick test, I had to carry him in alone which was hard just 5 days PP! 

You couldn’t bring Alfred to the studio to have his newborn photography session. How was it taking your own photographs?

It was hard! When I finally felt up to taking the posed photos he was super grumpy bless him! I followed your video giving tips and just tried a few things, I was happy with the photos and then you edited some for us and we were so pleased with them! 

How were those first few months of Alfred’s life in lockdown? What did you miss? Were there some good parts?

They were difficult, I desperately missed family and felt guilty that they couldn’t get to know him. As soon as we were allowed to meet one other outside and then go to gardens we did! I would have loved to take him to sensory classes and speak to other mums – but I have to say that people I know with children/babies have been so supportive and helpful!As mentioned before, being able to have my husband at home with us was amazing, in no other time would he have been able to have so long off with us. 

What did you do with Alfred’s first professional photographs at a few months old?

We love these photos so much! We have the print up in our house and just love to see his little chubby face glaring back at us! I have a few of them in a collage on my work laptop Home Screen, and have shared them with family and friends who loved them too! 

After the first lockdown, we had a short time of getting back to a new kind of normal, how did this time feel for you?

It felt amazing!! For a very short time we were able to meet other mum and baby friends for coffee/brunch dates, we went to music sensory and swim classes, we went to Devon for a week, a few days out and spent as much time as possible with family and friends! It was so lovely to have a short glimpse of what all of maternity leave should have been like. 

Now Alfred is a year old, and just coming out of lockdown again, what are you most looking forward to for the rest of this year

’m looking forward to him being able to spend time with family and friends again, and hopefully meet those he hasn’t been able to yet. I cannot wait to take him to a soft play centre now he is such a daredevil climber! We are going back to music and swim classes with the next easing of rules in April and are so excited for that! We also cannot wait to take him to the zoo, it’s what we originally wanted to do on his birthday so it will just be a late celebration now. 

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