Newborn Twin Photography at Fareham – Double the Cuteness

Newborn Twin Photography at Fareham – Double the Cuteness

How amazing would it be to be told you are having twins?  I’m sure that’s not always quite the reaction that all parents have when they discover they’re having twins.  There’s absolutely no doubt, it’s such a surprise and a real shock announcement – whether good or bad.  And during these current times, lots of mums have had to find out that they’re having twins without the other parent being there, which can add even more stress to finding out your news. 

So when I was doing some of my research into twins, I discovered that some mums felt they were having twins even before they had the scan. Whether this is extra hormones, or just a premonition, who knows, but a lovely thought all the same.  Going back many years ago when I had IVF, I always thought it would be kind of nice to have twins.  I wouldn’t have known any different so I’m sure that I would have coped with two new babies in the same way as it was just one. With IVF there is always a greater chance of having more than one little one, but sometimes it’s just in the genes. I personally believe that whether twins is hereditary is quite complex.

You might not know it, but there are actually two types of twins.  So firstly we have our identical twins – the technical term being Monozygotic twins.  A few months ago, I did a lovely shoot with identical twins Remi and Reagan.   They were so identical that the parents had to paint nail varnish on their tiny toes to tell them apart! These two little ones were conceived by their single egg fertilised by a single sperm and then split into two; resulting in two separate embroys, Jaxson and Frankie. They will always be the same sex. I did a little research on the internet and to be honest, I am still a bit unclear as to whether identical twins are actually due to genetics.

I once watched this TV programme where twin little girls were separated at birth in

China and grew up in different countries. They actually met when they were around 7-8 years old and although they didn’t speak the same language, amazingly they had exactly the same mannerisms. I thought at the time that it must have been so strange to be seeing someone that looked exactly like yourself!

You’ve also got non-identical twins – the technical term actually is Dizygotic twins. These are also known as fraternal twins.  Going back to my lovely little twins that I met recently, little X and X were non-identical twins. So they both had their own egg which was fertilised by a different sperm in the same menstrual cycle. I believe that from what I read about them, non-identical twins are about twice as common as identical twins and they’re also more likely to run in families. Some statistics have also shown that women with a mother or sister who have had non-identical twins are about twice as likely to have non-identical twins themselves.

Non-identical twins may look alike, just like two siblings of different ages may do. It’s likely that they’ll have difference in height, skin tone, and body build etc. They’ll also share 50% of their genes but they’ll never be identical.

There is something that’s quite special about the bond of twins. They shared the same womb whether identical or non-identical so they’re so used to cuddling up together. They’ll grow up together so they’ll have a bond that’s unique. It would definitely be interesting to hear stories of twins growing up, and the bonds that exist, and how different their personalities can be.

There is something quite magical about twin newborn photoshoots. I always allow extra time when I work with my families of twins as I’ll take the same individual photographs of the babies separately, as well as them together.

I absolutely love getting them snuggled up in a basket together. Getting them to hold hands looks amazing and just shows the close bond between the babies. One of my favourite poses of all is having the babies’ hands on their chins, but I have to say that getting twins to do this pose at the same time takes some patience! It’s where my baby whisperer skills come into play. Usually, I gently get one twin in position, settled and fast asleep, then I ask mum or dad to gently stroke the sleeping twin while I work my magic on twin number two. Once both of the little ones are settled together, I’ll get a safe photo and then I’ll try to adjust the heads gently so you can see both of their little faces together.  It’s such a special moment for you to treasure.

I have to say that it’s always great to get to see the twins as they grow up. I took the gorgeous Bertie and Teddi’s newborn photographs back in the summer of 2019 and then met them again for their sitter shoot back in January this year. I just love their cheeky little characters coming out. I would absolutely love to hear from you if you are interested in having a twins’ photography session. I promise that it will be such an amazing experience – for all of you.

Are you interested in a newborn photography experience session? I would love to hear from you.

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