Newborn Baby Wall Art


Newborn Baby Wall Art

As a newborn photographer, it is important to capture ‘timeless portraiture’. There is no more special time in your life than when you decide to bring a child into the world.  With newborn baby photography, timeless portraiture becomes quite special.

It’s quite different for a wedding, there are a number of photographs taken and it is more about capturing the story of the wedding day rather than one unique timeless piece of art.  Digital photography has made wedding photography a ‘story-teller’ rather than being about an individual image.

When my daughters were younger and before I became a professional photographer we went to a photographer in Market Harborough where we lived at the time. It was so long ago that the photographer actually photographed the girls on black and white film! I bought an amazing black and white framed piece of artwork.

Through the years I have moved a number of times and although the framed print had not always been displayed on a wall, it was carefully stored away.   With my new love of painting wood furniture, I’ve refreshed the wood frame with a  chalk paint and now the photograph has a permanent place as beautiful artwork in my studio.

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