Meeting Carly from Yoga Bellies – Pregnancy Yoga

[vc_row][vc_column][az_column_text]It was lovely to catch up with Carly from Yoga Bellies to find out a little more about Carly and why yoga pregnancy is good for mums-to-be.

Tell me a little bit about Carly and how you came got into pregnancy yoga?
After practising yoga for a number of years and then falling pregnant with my little girl, I found a yogabellies class where I could continue my practice throughout my pregnancy. I fell in love with the classes and found them so beneficial – not just the postures but the breathing and relaxation was so helpful and made me feel so prepared for birth and becoming a mama for the first time! during maternity leave I decided it was now or never and I took the plunge to undertake my yoga training and specialise in pre and postnatal yoga. I haven’t looked back since and absolutely love providing ladies with the same experience I had during the most special time in their lives.

Why do you feel attending a yoga class is important during pregnancy ?
Yogabellies yoga classes are unique, revolutionary prenatal yoga classes. We use traditional yoga postures adapated and beneficial for pregnancy and the common ailments associated with pregnancy. classes also include a specially created combination of self-hypnosis, deep relaxation and breathing techniques for pregnancy and birth.
Each week focuses on a different aspect of pregnancy and birth. This is more than just a yoga class, but also training in deep relaxation and preparation for birth and motherhood.
At the end of each class we have an informal group chat about the focus of our class for the week. This class also helps you prepare for birth and is so much more than just physical stretching

When is the best time to start attending a class?
I usually recommend that ladies wait until around 14 weeks to begin classes – in the early weeks your body is working so hard so its great time to get some rest and practice a lot of self love and care. I would also recommend that you check with your midwife and/or GP before beginning anything new in pregnancy.

What do mummies get from joining your group
here are some of the comments I have had from my ladies about classes:
“I attended the prenatal yoga classes. Fantastic. An hour out each week to relax and focus on baby, whilst meeting other mums-to-be. The breathing techniques learnt in these classes got me through the first 20 hours of labour. I couldn’t recommend this class enough! Thank you Carly!”

“My Thursday yoga session with Carly is the highlight of my week where I get to totally unwind and focus on myself and my bump. Her warm and positive nature shines through the class leaving you feeling prepared and excited about your little ones arrival”

“I’ve just completed 6 weeks of post natal Mum & Baby yoga with Carly and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s the most relaxing hour of the week and so nice to be able to focus on baby and I. Carly is a wonderful teacher, so calming and reassuring. Would highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t done yoga before and wants to gently get back into exercise post baby.”

Do you get to meet babies once they are born?
Usually ladies will message me when baby is born to let me know about their arrival and how they are which is just so wonderful! I arrange informal catch-ups for coffee and cake and for the ladies to get together and meet babies etc and having cuddles is always the best part! a lot of ladies who attend pregnancy classes will then go on to attend my mum and baby classes together which I so lovely to see them continuing their yoga journey with their little ones and new mummy friends!

What is the most exciting thing about what you do?
I just love being able to provide a safe, relaxing atmosphere for my ladies to come each week and spend time bonding with their growing babies, relaxing and enjoying some time for them in a way that really helps and nourishes them during the most special time in their lives. I love the community that we build and being able to offer women support when they need it most. I am also passionate about ensuring women recover slowly and gently after birth.

classes in Petersfield and Haslemere
one to one sessions also available.
www.yogabellies.co.uk[/az_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][az_single_image image=”624″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][az_single_image image=”626″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][az_single_image image=”625″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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