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Would you love to discover how to personalise your baby photography session…..I absolutely love it when parents bring something special to the studio to incorporate into their newborn photography session at Cams Hall, Fareham.  When we see an item of sentimental value to us, we get a feeling of tenderness, whether it’s a happy or sad time in our lives.  When I think of the sentimental objects that have travelled with me throughout my life, to be honest I only have a few, but what I have kept are very special to me.

Looking around my home office, I have my monkey that I bought from New York, he is my printer buddy!  I have a PJ teddy case which was given to me by a special person at a low time in my life.  I also have a treasured photo album that has a collection of special photographs. 

Making Memories

I have an old Leica film camera which unfortunately I dropped.  They are renowned for being valuable and I had to sell it to pay for my solicitor divorce fees.  I always said that I would buy one back.  A guy that I knew who had sadly died used to buy old cameras at car boot sales, he did know what he was looking for, and all his best Leica cameras were locked away in a safe.  So, after his death, his wife sold one to me.  Unfortunately, it fell off a shelf at my old studio and now it doesn’t work, but it’s too expensive to get repaired, so it sits on my office window shelf as an expensive ornament.  To this day, it’s still a sentimental memory of my journey in life.

I have a print framed from when Charley and I spent my 50th birthday in Paris.  Paris is my favourite city in the world and I truly hope to go back there one day.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to Paris for Charley’s 50th birthday in 2020, and now she has moved back to the US, it looks like it might have to be New York where we celebrate her birthday.  However, I’m sure there will be lots of happy memories from that trip when it’s safe to do so.

That’s why I totally understand why parents choose to bring something special to their newborn photo session.  It has a true meaning to them.

Bringing Your Life into Your Photos

It’s always sad but equally wonderful when someone comes to the studio with their rainbow baby.  They have had quite a journey with losing another baby along the way.  Erik’s Mummy had lost their precious little girl before he arrived, so it was quite special to wrap Erik in his sister’s special muslin wrap.

Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a sentimental item, but something that is a big part of a mum or dad’s life.  For example, Logan’s daddy is a big motorbike fan and when their first daughter was born, they wanted a photograph of their daughter in his helmet. So, when they came to me with Logan they wanted to create a similar photograph.  It was a composite image (a number of images put together) as it wouldn’t have been safe to take the photograph without mum’s hand holding the helmet in place.

One of my favourite photographs taken in January last year was of gorgeous baby Benjamin surrounded by a Scalextric set, as his dad owns a Scalextric events company.  I can imagine his company has really suffered with the impact of the Covid virus.  I am sure that they’ll really treasure their images; it’s a great memory to have.

One mummy had lost her grandmother recently and had bought a special blanket and an ashes pot to bring a little bit of her grandmother to the photography session.  She will always look at the photographs of her newborn baby which will bring back happy and wonderful memories of her grandmother.

Ivy-Mae’s dad works for a gin distributor and was it was fun to include a bottle of gin into the newborn session.  Not to say that Ivy-Mae is a gin fan at this young age, but it’s still a very special photograph to them.  I also had a beautiful crown of ivy flowers made for her to wear.

When sisters Rebecca and Jessie both had babies close together, they both wanted to include sunflowers into the photo session at they were their late mother’s favourite flowers.  I didn’t have a sunflower crown of flowers before, but made sure I ordered one in for them.  I just love the bright yellow colours against the brown.

When Maisie asked me if she could bring along her grandmother to the photo session, I was more than happy for her to do so.  Maisie wanted a special photograph of the four generations together; her grandmother, her mother, her, and of course little Ocean Mae.  It’s a very special set of photographs that I’m sure Maisie will absolutely treasure forever.

As part of getting to know you before the newborn session, I will ask you if there is anything special or important that you would like included in the session.  So, whether there is something special you would like to include that has a meaning or a memory, I would absolutely love to personalise your photography session. So, if you have any particular ideas you would like to chat about for your newborn session, I’d absolutely love to start planning your perfect personalised session.

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