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Why Rainbow Babies are So Special

Rainbow baby newborn photography in Fareham….Having a baby is such an exciting time and having your newborn baby grow inside you is an amazing feeling.  From your positive pregnancy test, through to feeling your baby first kick, it’s truly magical.  Every stage of your pregnancy is sensational and you must be so excited to meet your newborn baby.

However, for some parents, the journey to becoming a new mummy isn’t always that smooth.  For some, it can take a long time to get pregnant, even through fertility treatments, or they may sadly have had miscarriages or the devastation of having a stillborn.  Many years ago, I had three unsuccessful IVF attempts, so I truly know how fragile you can feel as you go through your next pregnancy; fearful that you won’t get pregnant again or to sadly lose your baby again.  Getting pregnant again can be so exciting, but it can feel like treading on eggshells for the whole of your pregnancy; scared that something might go wrong.

Miracle Babies

It’s truly a very special moment when you welcome your little miracle baby into the world; your treasured rainbow baby.  This is a much-loved term that’s often used to describe a baby born after losing a baby.  It’s called a rainbow baby because it’s like a rainbow after the storm; something so very beautiful after some dark painful times.

After the pain and grief that you’ve had to endure to have your much-wanted baby, the love you will feel for your precious little one will be so great.  Not to mention the gratitude when you first get to hold your little one.  Bringing your rainbow baby home can have many challenges just like any newborn parents; sleepless nights and your life turned upside down.  There’s no doubt you’ll wonder whatever you did with your time before you had your baby.  Despite all these challenges as a new parent, it is definitely all worth it.

It can be quite an emotional time having a rainbow baby, whilst you can feel excited about bringing your baby home, there can be a sense of guilt for the baby you have lost.  It’s very much a healing process, and parents will without doubt keep the treasured memory of their lost child as very much part of their family. 

It’s so special when I get to take a newborn rainbow photograph session.  Although it’s not about labelling a baby as a rainbow, it’s truly a celebration of how much of a miracle baby they are.  I love to incorporate rainbow colours into the photo session to celebrate how precious their baby is.

Treasured Memories

I asked a couple of mummies who came to the studio with their rainbow babies what were their feelings on having a rainbow baby.

Clayton, Isla Rose & Tayha’s Mummy

Tell me a little about the baby you lost?

Clayton Alexander Campbell was stillborn on the 16th of February 2019.  I had a few complications during my pregnancy and was being monitored by the consultants.  Unfortunately, on the early hours of the morning of the 16th of February I felt Clay kick for the last time.  I had a contraction that didn’t seem to ease off.  I called the hospital and went in as Clay was breech.  When we got to the hospital, they scanned us to check Clay’s position only to find he no longer had a heartbeat.  I instantly knew something was wrong when I saw the consultant’s eyes change which was followed by the hardest words I have even heard in my life, “I’m sorry there is no foetal heartbeat”.  I went on to give birth to Clayton later that day.  He was so perfect in every way, he weighed 8lbs 10oz, had a lovely head of hair, the cutest little button nose and chubby cheeks.  He was absolutely perfect in every way.

What did your grieving period feel like?

Some days grieving for Clayton is absolute agony, other days I just feel numb.  There are days when it doesn’t feel real, almost like I am on the outside looking in.  The grieving period will never be over, only the way we grieve and what triggers an emotion will change.  I cry for my baby boy most days and think of him every day.  I love him more today than yesterday and tomorrow I will love him more than today. 

Was it scary getting pregnant again and what was your pregnancy like?

Making the decision to have another baby was so scary.  Every day in our rainbow pregnancies felt like a milestone.  Every ache or twinge I thought it was something bad.  Every scan I held my breath until I saw my baby’s heartbeat.  I kept expecting bad news.  When I finally started feeling movement, I thought that would ease my anxiety, but it was quite the opposite.  I would panic if I didn’t feel her move.  I would end up trying everything to get her to move and if that didn’t work, I would call the maternity assessment unit.  I found I couldn’t sleep properly as I was scared I would miss her movements or not notice if she didn’t move.  The first time I could actually relax was when she was born and in our arms. 

How special is your rainbow baby?

Both my rainbow babies are so special to us. We feel as if we took our older two girls and their pregnancies for granted.  We find ourselves taking it all in and taking the time to sit and watch the girls and celebrate all the milestones we don’t get to have with Clay.

How do you keep the memory of your lost child?

We have just celebrated Clay’s second heavenly birthday.  I bake him a cake every year like I do for the girls.  And each year we get the girls a charm from Clay to represent that birthday.  For his first birthday, they got Clay’s birthstone and this birthday they got a little dinosaur, and on Clay’s 21st birthday we will give the girls the bracelet full of charms.  We also have Clay’s corner in our lounge and if we see something that makes us think of Clay we get it and add it to his corner.

How important are photographs to you?

We are thankful every day that we have photos of our beautiful Clayton.  These photos help us keep all his little features fresh and clear in our minds.  We can look at them anytime and they don’t fade or change. They have captured our beautiful baby boy as he was and will forever be in our minds and hearts.

Ellanor & Freya’s Mummy

Tell me a little about the baby you lost?

Our daughter Ellanor was diagnosed with Osteogenesis imperfecta (a form of brittle bones) at 20 weeks.  After many appointments with consultants we made the heartbreaking decision to terminate our pregnancy as Ellanor’s bones had not formed properly; they were causing damage to her organs. 

I’m still grieving now, nearly 3 years on… at the beginning I had Ellanor’s funeral to focus on and making that as perfect as we could, so that kept my mind busy.  After that I feel like I just learnt to deal with the loss and tried my best to keep my mind busy but in the end, I had to have counselling to help with my grieving.  I never realised at the time how much losing Ellanor had affected my mental health, where I thought I was ‘dealing’ with the loss in fact I really wasn’t. 

Was it scary getting pregnant again and what was your pregnancy like? 

It took me a very long time to feel I was ready to even think about trying again after a very long journey of genetic testing to see if my husband and I were carriers of Osteogenesis, but in that time I had decided I didn’t want to try again as I felt mentally I wouldn’t be able to cope with the possibility of having the same experience, but then…… 4 weeks later I found out I was pregnant with our rainbow baby.  To say I was shocked is an understatement, not once did it cross my mind I was pregnant, I just thought I was feeling unwell. 

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, the care I was given by midwives and consultants was utterly amazing!  My midwife who was there for me with Ellanor has become a very good friend and I was so pleased she was with me for my journey with Freya.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my husband was not allowed to attend any of my appointments with me which was very stressful, but my midwife was there for me at every appointment and scan.  The consultant scanned me every 2 weeks until I was 12 weeks pregnant.  This was because Osteogenesis cannot be seen on scans until at least 16 weeks, and for my own peace of mind that everything was going to plan with this pregnancy it was so nice to have all these extra scans.  The whole pregnancy went very well – apart from sickness up until 18 weeks! 

How special is your rainbow baby?

Words cannot describe how special she is to us, we feel so lucky to have our little girl who is healthy. 

How do you keep the memory of your lost child?

We always talk about Ellanor, we have photos of her in our lounge, we add a Christmas decoration to our tree every Christmas.  We do something special on her birthday as a family.

How important are photographs to you?

Photos mean so much to me, I am always taking my own photos to look back at and remember, to see how much Freya has changed.  We are just grateful to have our little girl after much heartache over the last 3 years. 

No matter what your pregnancy journey has been, every littlest visitor to my lovely newborn photography studio is special; and I absolutely love creating treasured memories of these early days for you to keep and love forever.

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