Raise A Glass Of Milk Day – Newborn Photographer In Fareham Talks Milk!

Newborn Photographer Fareham talks Milk!…I’m so pleased to be writing this here on our holiday in Padstow, Cornwall.  Although we still have some restrictions, it feels so good to have a holiday.  We have been very lucky with the weather and have actually got some colour on our skins.  I must admit I have a little pink sunburnt nose.  It feels good that we can go out without coats or sweatshirts.  Today we went for a coastal walk and then tried out a couple of the pubs in Padstow.  We feel obliged to make sure we try them all out when we are here.

As we headed back to our apartment, we couldn’t leave the busy harbour without having a Cornish ice cream.  So what do you think my favourite flavour is?  Mint Choc Chip always!  Which made me think about what ice cream is made of – and of course the main ingredient is milk. (The photo I share below was taken back at home at Lee on Solent)

Newborn Photographer Fareham

The 1st of June was World Milk Day and their website states, “As we Raise a Glass to milk, we connect with others and invite them to join the celebration that the goodness represents.  It allows us to share the stories about all the goodness of milk and all the people who produce it.  It offers a simple, natural way to recognise the people who matter most to us‚ in our communities, schools and homes.”

Memories of Milk

Although I never really drank milk as a child, now I wouldn’t be without milk in the fridge for my morning coffee.  Thinking about my memories of milk as a child, I can remember my dad going to get milk straight from the dairy which hadn’t gone through the pasteurisation process.  We lived on a farm, and my dad would drive to the dairy with a silver milk can and rest it on the car choke (definitely a thing of the past).  Sometimes the can would spill over and the car would smell of gone-off milk for weeks.  We were always healthy as children, so I wonder whether the outdoor farm air together with building a good immune system with non-pasteurised milk helped.  Non-pasteurised milk is “nutrient-rich and full of probiotics, the good kind of bacteria”.  Some fans go further, calling it “a superfood that aids digestion, boosts the immune system”.  I do feel I agree with this statement.  I particularly remember that it was rich in cream and my mum made the best milk rice puddings with it.

It’s not surprising that milk is number one to having a positive impact on a newborn baby’s growth and development.  I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to get those cute sleepy positions of newborns if milk didn’t have a part to play in it.  A milk-drunk newborn allows me to get those great photographs that parents love.  You will probably see from my portfolio that the majority of babies are asleep for their newborn photographs, but occasionally I do get to capture eye-open photographs when they are just too inquisitive that milk just doesn’t do it. 

It has been amazing having my studio open again since 12th April and meeting all the new mums (see my blog post – Re-Opening of my Studio At Cams Hall. I would probably say about 70% of mums that come to the studio breastfeed their babies.  I do find that when babies are bottle fed, they go to sleep quicker and the newborn sessions are much quicker.  With breast-fed babies, sometimes they can cluster feed, take little milk and more often.  With breast-fed babies, antibodies pass from mother to baby and therefore help the babies’ immune system.  There can be great pressure on a new mum to breastfeed and it doesn’t work for all new mums. 

Don’t Stress

During lockdown last year, I listened to Holly Willoughby’s audio book and recommendations on breast v bottle feeding, and doing what works best for you and your baby.  It’s not worth the stress, and I’m sure Holly probably gives great advice.  For a new mum, I would definitely recommend Holly’s Audible book “Truly Happy Baby … It Worked for Me: A practical parenting guide from a mum you can trust”. It maybe something to read when your newborn baby keeps you up in the middle of the night. 

Help is Out There

I know from speaking to lots of mums that come to my lovely newborn photography studio at Cams Hall that there are lots of support groups available for new mums; especially breastfeeding help.  Just remember that there is always someone who is going through the same experience as you. 

I know from my experience in my photography studio, there are sometimes differences in bottle-fed and breast-fed babies, but I’m no expert on what the pros and cons are, so I did a little research that I could share with you.

Tommee Tippee has a great page that provides the pros and cons of breastfeeding your baby v bottle fed.  It states “Breast milk provides all the energy and nutrients that your baby needs for the first months of their life.  That’s why worldwide health organisations like WHO and UNICEF recommend that babies are exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of their life – meaning that baby should have no other foods or liquids, not even water.” 


I’m pretty sure that my mint choc chip ice cream I mentioned at the start of this blog really didn’t do my calories intake any good, but as I was on holiday it was definitely worth it.  From the unpasteurised milk that I grew up on, to the milk in my fridge nowadays for my coffee, milk is always one of the those must haves for the fridge.  Therefore for a newborn baby, whether breast fed or bottle fed, milk is always number one – whichever way you get it.  And no matter whether bottle fed or breast fed, your baby will develop and become such an amazing little person. 

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