Safety of Your Newborn Baby During A Photo Session

Professional Training as a Newborn Photographer

As most of your know I was a wedding photographer and decided to retrain as a newborn baby photographer a few years ago.   You may not realise that there is specific training for a newborn photographer.   If you are researching newborn photographers and they aren’t able to provide you with details of the training they have done, you should really consider the safety of your baby.  I had the technical photography skills as a wedding photography, but what I learnt as part of the training to be a newborn photographer was how to handle the baby safely.  A few years ago, I completed a year’s training course with a Newborn Art Academy that specifically trained photographers to become newborn photographers.  Since that time, I have maintained my knowledge and skills by attending lots of training sessions / webinars from some of the leading newborn photographers throughout the world.  Choosing a trained newborn photographer is so important.

Safety in the Studio

When I get an enquiry, I sometimes get asked whether I am able to come to the home.  For my style of photography, I only do newborn session at my newborn studio in Cams Hall in Fareham. The reason for this is that I can ensure the environment if perfect for the comfort and safety of your baby.

When I was looking for a newborn studio for my business, it is was important that the studio felt warm and cozy.  Even though my studio is based in a business centre, when clients walk into my studio it feels like they are sitting on my comfy sofa in my lounge.  I’ve even had parents feel so comfortable and sleep deprived that they fall asleep.  I keep my studio to around 26 degrees.  I am mindful that when a baby is wrapped, the studio should be slightly cooler that when they are posed naked on the bean bag. I am constantly looking for signs to make sure your baby isn’t too hot or too cold.

Studio Equipment

I use a posing frame designed specifically for newborn photographers.  It’s super comfy for newborns and has three beanbags held within the frame.  What fun it was filling those bean bags.  It keeps the baby totally safe and I can twist the posing frame around without unsettling the baby.  It also means that I am can stand comfortably and pose the baby without causing me any back pains.

A Comfortable Baby

Before the session I will check whether there is anything I need to know specifically about the baby.  Some babies can have a traumatic birth or cannot do a particular pose due to how the baby was in the womb.  For example, one little baby skill had talipes where the baby foot is turned in because of lack of space in the womb.  It wasn’t comfortable for this baby to bring the foot under the bottom like in this pose.   If a baby isn’t comfortable with a particular pose, I move onto the next pose.

Hands on Chin Pose

This is one of my favourite poses, ‘hands on chin’.  I need to make sure that the baby is positioned baby carefully so to protect their airways.  As the head is the heaviest part of the baby’s body, I make sure that the head sinks into the fingers or head rests to the side.   I’m looking to make sure that the arms and hands are not turning blue/red. Mums and Dads are always amazing how comfortable their baby looks in this pose.

Studio in the New ‘Normal’

Whilst I’m not working in the studio at the moment, I am looking at ways that after lockdown, I can run my studio within the government guidelines.  I’d love to get back to safe hands on posing newborns and working within my studio environment.  However, that may not be possible with social distancing guidelines and may have to look at taking photographs outdoors at a distance with mummies positioning their babies in setup locations.  I will keep you posted on ideas.

Keep Safe

Jennifer x

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