Taken a little time to stop so to know the way forward

“Taking a little time to stop so we know the way forward”

So last month’s blog post I titled “Mad as a March Hare”.  Little did I know when I wrote it that is would be as mad!  I had 26 babies booked into the diary and managed to do 19 photo sessions before I decided to close the studio.  It was the next day that Boris put us on lockdown so I knew I had made the right decision.

I’ve postponed shoots for the next four weeks and will review bookings when things become a bit clearer.  It is a unknown timescale for all of us right now.  I am delighted that mummies are still keen to get their babies photographed even if they will be 2-3 months old when they come to the studio.

I really didn’t want Mummies to miss out on capturing their newborns within the first two weeks of being born so I put together a little video to help them take their own photographs at home.  I’ve also offered to edit a couple of images for them.  I’ve shared the link below and some of the amazing photographs taken by mummies.   I’ve also been sharing on Facebook some of the newborns that have been born that were due into the studio.  I have posted them below as I am sure some of you have switched off from Facebook.

I’ve been running a daily photo challenge on my Facebook page.  My original intention was to get mummies and daddies to post their photographs on my Facebook page but it has turned into a bit of a daily journal for me.  If you get chance take a look and comment on any photographs you like

For those who don’t already know me or follow me on social media, I’m Jennifer a specialist newborn baby photographer. Being specialist means that I have been trained to handle babies safely and ensuring the positions that I pose them in are completely safe for your baby. I was a wedding photographer for 16 years and retrained as a baby photographer 5 years ago. It’s probably one of the best things I did and so love what I do now.

I have a newborn studio on the beautiful Cams Estate in Fareham.  It’s just the perfect location.  My photo sessions are not just a photo session but a photo experience.  You only get one chance to capture your newborn within the first two weeks of being born.  I’ve been home for two weeks now and the first week was a bit of a blur.  I had a few wobble moments and feared for my financial security and keeping my business going when I cannot take any actual photographs.  I was really focused last week and have put together a plan how I can continue to engage with customers and also potential customers so my business will come back stronger after we are all back to normal.  I’ve had quite a bit of downtime so am being able to get those knitting needles to work and creating some amazing wraps that I can use in the studio soon.

Boys v Girls

How did the girls do against the boys?

Last month there were 15 boys and 10 girls… my blog post last month prompted the the girls to smash the numbers for March.  They did it, 5 boys and 13 girls.

The boys were Milo, Eddie, Finlay, Lucas and Leo.  The girls Peaches, Aria, Cassidy, Freya, Naomi, Yvette, Ava Rose, Iris, Olive, Katie, Hallie, Ailanna, Isla.

My monthly competition is to pick my favourite three girl photographs and 3 favourite boys photographs.  I will get my Facebook followers to vote for their favourite photo and their mummy and daddy will get a 10×8 photograph of their choice.

The photographs will be posted on Facebook and Instagram over the Easter period.

So here are the girls, Olive, Cassidy, Iris  who is your favourite?  So here are the boys Eddie, Lucas and Milo – who is your favourite boy?Best Baby Props

Cassidy’s Mummy brought in a cuddle toy which I loved.  I had recently ordered a brown wrap and the toy definitely complimented the colour palette. It reminded me of Tarzan’s Jane of the Jungle.  Cassidy’s Mummy has won a 10×8 photograph of her choice.Interesting Baby Facts

Babies born during coronavirus lockdown. You’ve had restricted visitor access at hospitals and in some cases limited access for dads.  A few month’s ago we would never had thought that we wouldn’t be having visitors come to see your newborn baby.   To protect the safety of your newborn baby, video calls are being used to introduce newborns to friends and family.  As I write this post, newborns seem to have not been affected by the virus and hope that continues to be so. I hope that going forward my interesting baby fact is that no babies were impacted by the virus.Youngest Baby of the Month

Little Aitanna was the youngest baby to come to the studio, just 5 days old.  We had almost postponed the shoot by a couple of day but so glad we didn’t as I wouldn’t have got to take Aitanna’s photographs.  Aitanna’s Mummy and Daddy are from Spain so their family too overseas are having a difficult time. To celebrate this special baby coming to the studio before I closed down, Aitanna’s mummy and daddy will get a free 10×8 print.

Bump to Newborn

Rebecca came to the studio for her maternity session just before the lockdown.  I’m hoping she will be able to come into the studio with her newborn baby.

Kimberley was due to come into the studio for her maternity photographs but unfortunately couldn’t so they had a little photo session at home.  I love the photos they created

Baby photos..

I get quite a few mummies and daddies coming back for sitter and/or first birthday portraits but sometimes I don’t get to see photos of babies when they are a few months old.   A recent post asked mummies to send through their photos and it was so lovely to see.

My winning baby of the Month – Olive

Each month I pick one baby photo which I love. It can be for a number of reasons, how well baby settled, how special the baby was to the parent, how I connected with the parents, or whether the photo session just made me smile.

The winner this month is little Olive.  I just love the uniqueness of her name and captured some amazing photographs.  She has an amazing mummy and daddy who I know will treasure the newborn photographs that I capture.  Olive was a little star model until time to have photographs with her Mummy and Daddy. Olive gave me two great photographs that I could use on my posts at this time (shared below)

Olive’s mummy has won a 20″ canvas of her choice.  Claire I will be in touch!

“Tell Them Mummy to Stay At Home”

“What do you mean mummy we can’t go out, I’m a bit cross with you”

Over to you guys…

Here are a few of your baby photographs that you have created at home.

Knowing the way forward

I hope we all get through the April lockdown to brighter times ahead.

I’m hoping to make good use of my lockdown time and keeping in touch with lots of website and Facebook post.  This week I will be launching a few Easter promotions and some give away.

See you all very soon (I hope!)

Keep Safe and lots of love


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