These newborn baby facts I’ve found out being a newborn photographer

I get to meet so many little newborns in my wonderful newborn photographer world at my lovely newborn photography studio at Cams Hall, and I always feel blessed that I’m asked to capture this little bundle of joy in their first few weeks.  It’s truly a miracle, and I’m always amazed at how perfect these little ones are.  However, there are occasions when a little baby comes to the studio and parents share their little story with me; their own special little baby fact.


It’s common for babies to have red marks on their forehead and eyelids when born, and often they’ll fade away as your baby grows up.  Stork birthmarks are common. They appear on 30 to 50 percent of newborn babies.

Stork bites are caused by dilated and stretched capillaries, or blood vessels, under the skin.  A fork light stork birthmark often comes from pressure of the baby’s head against mummy’s cervix.  As newborn photographers, we spend time editing the photographs to make a gorgeous piece of artwork that families will treasure for years to come.  This often involves removing the red marks on the baby.  From memory, I’m sure I have only had one newborn’s parents who wanted me to keep the stork birthmark on the photograph.  If it’s a birthmark that will always be there as the baby grow up, I’ll always ask if they would like me to not edit it out, as it is part of their little one. 

Mini-Period for Baby Girls

Before lockdown, I would take newborn photographs with their nappy off.  Risky I know, and there were many times that the baby would have a little accident on my blanket, or me!  One little girl came to the studio and took her nappy off to see blood in her nappy.  The dad must have seen the shock on my face as he said “it’s alright, she is having a mini period”.  When babies are in the womb they absorb their mother’s hormones and will have oestrogen that will go through their body.  This means that for some female babies, they will have their first period, but it will be the last until the time is right for them to get their proper first period.

First Teeth

Little Adelene came to the studio and I was so surprised when her parents said she was born with a tooth.  These are called natal teeth and totally different to the development of teeth between 4-7 months of age.  Apparently, there is a higher percentage chance of your baby having natal teeth if you have close family too that were born with natal teeth – and they’re more likely to be born to females too.  Little Avelyn was having her tooth pulled out as it had no roots and there was a risk that it could fall out and she could choke.

Lots of Hair and Heartburn

I just love to see babies that come to the studio and have lots of hair.  So, getting heartburn whilst pregnant and having a baby with lots of hair perhaps is an old wives’ tale.  I always ask the mum whether she had heartburn and 9 times out of 10 she will say yes.  When I did some research though, it seems that there is no apparent reason why some babies are born with lots of hair, but suggestions are that it may be something to do with hormones and genetics.  The babies that have come to the studio with lots of hair have also tended to be little ones with black hair.  Babies’ hair does fall out in the first few weeks and grows back over the next year.

Noisy Newborns

I’m often known as the baby whisperer, which I really love, and most of my visiting newborns will sleep for their newborn session, but I have found that some sleep deeper than others.  Some don’t sleep soundly and will be more sensitive to me moving them into a new posing position.  Occasionally I will get a baby that comes into the studio that can make some of the strangest noises when sleeping.  Little Theo came to the studio, although a few weeks’ old due to lockdown, he did make us giggle with his sleeping ‘groaning’.  Some babies too will still have some of the birth mucus in the nasal passage. 

Newborn Hiccups

Sometimes after a feed at the studio, a newborn will get the hiccups.  It’s caused by a little too much air getting forcefully sucked in than a normal breath.  It does seem to bother the newborn and the hiccups are usually gone within a few minutes.  Whenever I’ve asked the mum whether the baby had hiccups in the womb, it’s usually been a yes.

The most important thing I have learnt the most about being a specialist newborn photographer, is that all babies are different and have their own special little quirks and patterns – but that’s what truly makes them unique. 

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